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Hello, everyone. This VTR might suddenly change the atmosphere here but what we showed you is the trailer of the movie called AVATAR, the new digital 3D movie released this month. The footage you saw is 2D images the director is James Cameron, well-known as a director of a movie called "Titanic", and his team developed and created the 3D filming technology to produce this film and hope that people in the movie theatre can feel as if they seem like it's being pulled into the world of the scene, and he is quite confident on this to make it ture. Now this 3D images is told to bring a new picture revolution and this has spread not only in North America but also Asia and Europe. With this movement, big manufacturers are keen on developing the new TV sets. For example, one famous Japanese manufacture announced to be out the new Plasma TV achieved displaying both 2D and 3D images, and this became a big news in the market. However, as for the filming technology, not so many people know that only a few companies can develop and create the 3D High Definition filming cameras and in each company only a few engineers have been creating those unique 3D cameras by their own hands. We introduced you today is the company called NHK Media Technology, an affiliated company of NHK and one of a few companies creating 3D cameras in the world. Now I would like to show you its compnay's history on 3D. Today we invited Mr. Harada, a chief video engineer, from NHK Media Technology. 3D boom is coming now and your company's technology has lots of attention from the world. What do you think is the main reason for this ? Well, we have been engaged in the development of 3D HD technology for more than 20 years, and I think this accumulated result and achivement is evaluated now. At the begining this 3D HD technology was the evolution of NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratory. After NHK Lab contributed the success of the first Live Olympic production on 1964 Summer games held in Tokyo, which was a dream for NHK technical people, they launched the development of 3D HD technology, one of their next dreams for the future TV world. It was 1990 when Mr. Harada participated the development of 3D HD technology and filming but what was the situation surround 3D at that time? Since the size of High Definition camera itself was quite big a 3D filming system, which require two cameras per one, was huge. Compared to this person, you see how huge even this camera head is. Recording system was also very big. So to film under the water we couldn't put those two cameras into the sea without using a chain block. The weight of 3D equipment was too heavy, which couldn't be compared with the one of 2D camera we used on the daily location. However, your team was succeeded in filming 3D HD under the water at the first time in the world and has continued developing 3D HD technology. It is wellknown that NHK developed "High Definition" and this greatly influenced the world broadcasting technology. Talking about 3D HD technology, it is not too much to say that you are leading the field now Yes, as you see our 3D history, we went through many challenges, achived and, as a result, the huge equipments gradually became smaller to CCD cameras, and we could also develop Syncronous Zume Lens. Recently we have created the new equipment called "Lens Shift Adapter" for Beijing Olympic Games. These are the photos from Beijing Olympic and this is the "Lens Shift Adapter" you are talking. It looks just an equipment but for video engineers who have been working on the development of 3D filming technology this is told a great inovation. Can you explain about this lens briefly because we run out of time? About Lens Shift Adapter, you can see two cameras on the top and lenses are here. To film the natural three-dimentional image with these two right and left lenses, the best way is to place two lenses almost at the same distance between human left and right eyes. However, since the width of camera itself is longer, it's impossible to place the lenses as human's eyes and impossible to film a natural three-dimentional image. Therefore, we developed the system which can bend the optical signal and its adapter. You are talking about this special part, an adapter between camera body and lenses, aren't you? This is the Lens Shift Adapter which applied the optical reflection technic, isn't it? What made difference is a production can choose any type of camera with different width to creat the 3D cameras only by using this Lens Shift Adapter. This means a production can use their own resources to creat the 3D cameras and doesn't have to develop the unique cameras, the exclusive use only on 3D filming. How do you think the 3D world is going to be changed with this kind of new technical enovation? Well, many TV stations and productions can produce 3D images by using their own equipments, and this also makes possible to use OB Van to produce the live production so that people can enjoy more live sport events, entertaiments, or music concerts on 3D. This can be also practical in the medical field. For example, wherever the doctors and tainees are, they can watch and study the surgical operation filmed and transmitted in three-dimention. We are thinking of putting this new technology to practical use in many different fields. "Television" has a meaning of "view a distance". Human desire to see something unknown and this desire motivate human creation, evolutione and innovation. Now People all over the world can share the information through 2D visual images. And if the information can be shared by 3D, 3D may bring the air and breath in front of you and this three-dimentional information may give you "experience"... It seems to me that kind of world may be possibly coming in a near future. Well, thanks to this oppotunity, NHK Media technology is showing some 3D HD footages today, so please come and experience this digital 3D HD world and give your opinion how this evolution should be used for our society. Thank you for listening today.

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