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Nim's Island (2008)

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(narrator) Best selling adventure writer, Alex Rover has sold millions of books to fans all over the world. And she's done it all without ever leaving the house. Were you always like this? (Alex) Like what? Scared to get out and touch the world. (Alex) I'm not scared to got out. [wind blowing, deep breath] [doorbell] Excuse me, could you just leave it over... (narrator) And Alex Rover's biggest fan is a girl named Nim... [Todd Rundgren song - " I don't want to work, .."] ..who lives with her dad on a secret island. Hey, Sokie! The new Alex Rover book! Excellent! (narrator) But when her island is threatened... ...she'll reach out to her favorite hero. (girl) Dear Alex Rover, My father's lost at sea, and now our island is being invaded. I need you Alex Rover. But I'm not that Alex Rover. You're definitely not. She thinks I'm you, and you're not even real. Let's do it. Do what? Go! Be the hero of you're own life story. Don't hand me that line. I wrote that line. Let's go save that little girl. (male Alex) What are you afraid of? Ev-ry-thing! (narrator) Now, two people who are worlds apart... [electronic whirring] (woman) Bag Check! (man) Not allowed, not allowed, not allowed. But, I... Next! (narrator)...will come together... I'm looking for a fire mountain... Unicorn. No, no thank you. You should wash your hands before you touch anything else. (narrator)...for one extraordinary adventure. I'm gonna die! (male Alex) I gotta agree with you on that one. You can't say that - you're a hero! (pilot) I'm not a hero, just a helicopter pilot. Aaaaaah! [squeaking pulleys] [splashing, thunder] (male Alex) Beautiful ocean! Doesn't it feel just great? [mimicking his accent] No, it doesn't feel just great. (narrator) This spring, journey to a place... (male Alex) That girl needs you. The island is already lost. Never! (narrator)...where imagination... Here we fight for our piece of the world! (narrator)...runs wild. (girl) Get on! (Alex, screaming) Aaaaah! [sound of a sloppy kiss] (Alex) I took a plane, I took a helicopter, I stole a boat.... [screaming] Aaaaaa! [thud, groan] [Captions by]

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