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Good Luck Chuck (2007)

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[applause] I'd like to propose a toast to Charlie, for being my lucky charm. (women) Women call him... You're that Charlie? What Charlie? (narrator) Good Luck Chuck. Whoa whoa whoa. [horn blows] You're a lucky charm - you can be with someone, and then they find their true love. Isn't that how it works? Has everybody lost their minds? That's ridiculous! I guess you are a lucky charm. Good morning, Doctor. I think I have a cavity. Me too! Buddy, you got the ticket to the big show! [beep] You have 108 messages. [The Scorpions - "Rock me like a Hurricane"] This is Molly/Jenny/Daniel/Stacy... This is Bob. Just hear me out. (narrator) But now... I'm Kim. I'm Charlie, I... [startled shriek, silverware and glass hitting the floor] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Yes! Kim's the one, man. I feel like she just.... completes you? Oh! Ah! Oh no! (narrator)...what seems like a blessing... What makes you think I'll be kissing you? Ow! Are you all right? (narrrator)...feels like a curse! [phone rings] You close the deal - she's gonna marry the next guy she dates. That's not true. I started calling all your exs. Their married. It's real! I really hate you! I gotta go. You look great. I had a good time. I gotta go. (narrator) To get the girl of his dreams, Chuck will do anything... I've got to put the curse to the test. (narrator)...with anyone... Eleanor Schepple. This chick ain't never getting married. Pay you $100 to go out with me tonight. Make me happy. [crunching, loud sloppy eating noises] (narrator) True love... Now? Not now. Wait'll I get this....Aaaaah! (narrator)...has never been so hard. Come over. I want to, I just don't think that we should... Does you phone receive pictures? [beep] (narrator) Good Luck Chuck I am in a real hurry... You're in a hurry? Let's do this. Take your pants off. I'm kidding, you weirdo! Don't do that! ♪I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky ♪ [Captions by]

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