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Rep Ron Paul on Change

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(AUDIENCE MEMBER) Yes, you mentioned the word "change". I know when I bought your book that was the question I had. I mean, we've been hearing "change" from (President) Obama. If you could confront Mr. Obama tomorrow, how would you pin him down when he uses that word "change" ? (RON PAUL) Well, I probably wouldn't do it directly as much as I would go to his supporters. If I was addressing supporters or an audience, (I would say) that "change" means nothing. It's just a word. It is a cliche. Just to repeat it has no meaning. You have to say, "what are you going to change?" And I would argue, "You offer no change. You have the same foreign-policy. You want more troops in Afghanistan. You're not talking about only going to war with a declaration. You don't want to deal with the monetary financial crisis in this country. You want to keep the system together for the benefit of the banks and the big corporations and the politicians." You know, that argument. And what kind of change do you have on social policy? Do you care about sick people using marijuana? Have you come out for that? You know I would just hit him hard on the fact that he doesn't want change. He wants the status quo. Just saying it means nothing. But he has a lot of supporters. And the one time that I was asked to comment about him, I actually tried to be fairly soft on him but concluded that we have a lot of differences. but I tried to acknowledge that his supporters and my supporters have a lot of overlap and they do. So in declaring what I just said, I think it has to be done in somewhat of a diplomatic manner. and then appeal to reason and say, "Look if you want change what you need is somebody who's going to make sure you never have a draft. and we're going to bring the troops home. We're going to balance the budget, we're going to have sound money." He never talks about any of that. (woman) Maybe we can convert him. Well no, he probably doesn't have real solid beliefs. He'll only be converted when we convert his young people. That's what will convert him. The politicians in Washington don't have much philosophy. Probably never will, but that's all right. That's why we have a chance, by converting people's hearts and minds, and that's where we've made our progress.

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Posted by: angelatc on Aug 30, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul (TX) talks about the differences in how he and President Obama define change.

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