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Occupy London - Speaker from the spanish 15M

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I'm not used to this so... Why am I here? Well. I will give you a bit of background about what happened in Spain, many of you might know. On 15th of May there was a demonstration wich was meant to be just another demonstration about... against the situation... there were many people there with different demands and differents point of view. But something happened there. People realised suddenly that they were not alone in their fears, there were so many people worried about what's happening and they had an amazing day. This was not only in Madrid but in everywhere in Spain. About 40 people decided they would stay in the square in Sol, in Madrid, and they camped. They held a very little assembly, wich was a little bit messy and when they finished the police evicted them violently. One day later, or two days later, there were camps everywhere in the country. There were assemblies everywhere, not only... not only in Spain, but in the embassies we were camping here outside the spanish embassy, we didn't really know what we were doing, but we were doing it. We realised that we had been asleep for such a long time, this is 'Big brother', and 'X Factor'... and all that. And we started talking, and we thought: This might not be so difficult to undestand. We need to... we need to start educating ourselves, there must be a solution to this. So... we didn't know anything about finances or politics, we ended up on a long process, each person would talk to the other about their knowledge. We realised it's not so difficult. Everyone can do it. We need to be... we need to be aware of the situation to find solutions. Some people are really scared when we say that Capitalism isn't really working. They say: "Oh, are you gonna go back to communism?". It's not about looking at the past... it is about looking at the future. There is some... a new system that doesn't have a name yet. It's not communism, it's not capitalism. It is something new. And reason not to be scared about it. You know... there's a future ahead and we have to fight for it. I just want to warn you about our experience. First of all I'd like to tell you it would be great if you can find information, there is so much going on in Iceland, they achieved so much. The Middle East, Greece, Spain... this is a real global revolution. Of course, America. It's happening in everywhere, so you should be informed about it and learn about the experience of others. And I should just say that, you should be aware, this is not going happen in a week, this is not going happen in a month. The assembly process sometimes is difficult. Not everyone here will be here in a long time, less people will be here in a years time, but we might not find the change in a long time, it's important... It is important that the core people stay in the assembly, and then you to keep talking to your neighbours, keep talking to your friends, and when the time comes, everyone will be on the streets fighting for a change.

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Posted by: oct15 on Nov 25, 2011

"They ask if we are gong to go back to communism. It's not about looking at the past. It is about looking at the future."

#OLSX (Occupy the London Stock eXchange), day 8.

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