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It's Kind of A Funny Story (2010)

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You got a cigarette? No, sorry. What's wrong with you? I just don't smoke. No, I mean why are you in an E.R.? at 5:00 on a Sunday morning. A lot going on in my, my, mind lately. [drums] Yea, gotcha. And this summer school application... Why would you want to be in school in the summer? You should be on Coney Island, bird-dogging chicks. Are you a doctor? Sometimes I wish I had an easy answer for why I'm depressed. (nurse) Welcome to 3 North, Craig, our adult psychiatric ward. The 19th floor is undergoing some renovations. (Craig) Is there a place here for people who are like me? We got all kinds of patients here, man. Hey-hey, Bobby. How about a tour for our new friend, Craig? (Craig) What is it you do here? Same thing as you. Cuckoo. (Craig) What were you doing in the emergency room? ER has the best coffee, son. (Craig) I really don't think I belong here. Five days, Craig. Minimum. Craig, come sit with the Nevel. I had a lot of women in my day, kid. Yea? You don't have to act so surprised.. (Craig) Who is that? That's Noelle - she's one of the teens.You should ask her out. Nice shirt. You should practice with me. Stand up, I'm a lady. (in higher voice) Well well. Comment on my shoes. Those shoes are awesome. They really... You're sweet to say that. We're going to play a game. I ask you a question, and you ask me a question. Do you think I'm gross looking? No. I think you look awesome. Are you a virgin? It's not what you think. I think the two of you were playing the question game outside, that's what I think. (Craig) Well I guess it is what you think then. I thought so. (art therapist) Craig, he doesn't know what to draw. How about beavers? (therapist) We don't draw the kind of beavers you are talking about. Oh, really? (art therapist) That's actually nice. Bet you got some crazy stuff in that messed up little mind of yours. Come on, let's go for a walk. Sometimes it's good to get out of there. [Ida Marie - "Oh My God"] ♪ oh God, I think it's out of control, oh my god ♪ ♪ oh you think it's all for fun ♪ My daughter is better off without me. I think that she's just going to want her dad around. What I wouldn't do to be you for just a day. I just live. ♪ Oh my god ♪ ♪ Oh, you think I'm in control ♪ ♪ oh my god, you think it's all for fun ♪ ♪ Oh my god, you think I'm in control, oh my god ♪ One-Zip. [Captions by]

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Captioned Trailer for "It's Kind of A Funny Story", Open October 8, 2010

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