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Welcome to UKabbalah This is The Power of Kabbalah 3 We are begin the six section* course With the first subject called Debkut or Affinity As many of you learned, that specially from Rav Hashlag The all purpose of life is reaching a place that we have total affinity to the light of the creator. The word in Hebrew that describes the concept of Affinity is Debkut; cleaving; total oneness. That sounds like a very lofty concept and how do we translate it to practical life. Becoming one with God. What is becoming one with God? And we are going to read from Rav Hashlag "The Wisdom of Truth", the book "The Wisdom of Truth". To help us get the more deeper understanding, what does it mean to our personal life? because based on the Kabbalah One course, the Kabbalah Two course We've learn as you restrict you're getting closer to the light, which indeed it is true. As you give and you go outside of yourself, you are getting closer to the light, it is the truth. Nevertheless, Rav Hashlag helps us to understand that very often we'll do the spiritual work and we'll be givers but its not necessarily getting us closer to the light of the creator. Maybe in our head, maybe intellectually, maybe the ego creating a picture that I'm really in the path. But not necessarily. So in page 87, 88, and 89, in the book The Wisdom of Truth Rav Hashlag helps us to sheath some light of understanding the difference between real Dibkut; real affinity versus false. And I'll read in Hebrew for the connection and for the soul of Rav Hashlag. Hebrew Reading Rav Hashlag shares with us that many people mistaken to compare the true spiritual work with ethics and morals. And it says that there is such a hug difference between the two. The real spiritual work and the idea of ethics and morals even though Rav Hashlag says that externally it seems that a person that is ethical, a better person and a more giving person that cares more about society. and a person who is spiritual is becoming more caring and giving person. So whats the difference? Ethics versus true spirituality. Whats wrong about it? And here it helps us understand that very often even though we'll call it spirituality we are actually doing things that come from motives of becoming more ethical. And we need to define what this mean. Rav Hashlag helps us understand, by saying Hebrew Reading Saying the real spiritual work is the relationship between us and the creator and the light of the creator. But ethics and morals which seem to be that people following that path to become more ethical will become better people but its actually a relationship between us and other people or between us and society. And that is the major difference. Now what does it mean practically? In order to translate it into practicality. Let's think about relationship between two friends that really care for each-other. And as we know by us becoming beings of sharing and more outside of our-self's in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our actions, making extra mile effort, and in our stretching. That's Kabbalisticly connecting us to the light. But very offen we will do those actions but according to Rav Hashlag It will fall under the category of ethics and morals and as a result not get us closer to the light. Why? there are two major elements, ingredients that will motivate us to go from one level to the next level to the next. And the first one is who am I comparing myself to? If I'm comparing myself to just another human being, another person, my ability to push my self to the next level will be very limited. But if I'm comparing myself, my level of consciousness, to the unlimited levels, which is the light of the creator, my ability to grow will be unlimited. So when we speaking about consciousness of ethics and not of true spirituality and true cleaving. What is really ethics? The reasons I'm nice and kind, the reason I'm stretching myself is because relative to that particular society or that group of friends or what is excepted to be ethical. Because ethical comes from perception of environment what ethical is. It's not from an up-solute power so compering to the friends that i have or comparing to that one friend I'm sharing with him my actions are extra ordinary and amazing as a result when I'm really sharing according to the expectations of what true sharing and giving is to that specific society or that particular frame. it will make me feel amazing. Like you've reached the top. I'm exactly according to what people think is the best for being a giving and stretching person. And as a result I'll be stuck there because ethics means doing things based on what society accepts as a very nice giving behaviors. and that's limited because if our goal is to elevate to the next level and the next because the concept of cleaving/oneness/Debkut to the light is an endless process. and because in my consciousness I'm basing my decision to push forward or not based on what society accepts, my wife accepts, my friends accept, the small group of people accepts and according to their level what I'm doing is amazing and it's beyond anybody else, it's number one. I'll stop there. The're is no reason why I'll push myself to the next level. versus the spiritual work that is based on getting closer to the light. Yes, I will treat my friend beautifully and I will share with him but if every day I'm asking myself the question " Am I reaching my potential?" And even though my friends love behavior, my contentiousness, my energy and my effort. if I'm constantly asking the question between me and the light "Am I really there?" then I'll constantly have the merit to see that there is so much more room for growth. I'll be able to see the little areas that my ego came in. I'll be able to see that I'm actually looking for some recognition from my own friends to give me energy. Because I'm not comparing to what my friends accepts as a good behavior I'm comparing to the endless light which is ego free. You just want to share endlessly with out any spark of ego. And as a result that will give me the energy to do actions like. To my friend who is sick and nobody knows that in the middle of the night at two o'clock in the morning I'll wake up for two hours and I'll inject special energy to support and send light like every kabbalalist after midnight, before dawn, always will be busy reveling light in the world. It is a time that no one would know or see. And actually the real measurement of cleaving to the light is in the areas when its not necessarily noticeable by other people some would but it isn't constantly everybody aware of the work I'm doing. And why would I push my self to that extra mile because what I'm comparing to what society accepts or not. I'm comparing to the creator and even though we are studying spirituality and we're trying to do the right thing and use the concept of connecting to the light But very often our measurement of connection is based on how our friends our society, our group, the kind of people around me perceive goodness and that's where I'm getting energy from. "Wow they think its good. I'm energies, I'm happy, I'm content. I feel like I did the right thing" And it doesn't matter how much we'll work on our selves spiritually. If we're really honest with ourselves part of our work is ego based. But at least we should know if our goal is to reach that concept called cleaving. And a different word for cleaving is real freedom, freedom from ceause* from needing anybody else to fill me up or recognize me Or to energize me. Freedom from comparing to other people, freedom from needing to please other people. Only then we can begin to access the true strength of our soul because our soul is unlimited. But constantly compering or looking for validation from limited source which is people that are not the light of the creator it self. It will never work. Neither in a personal relationship or a collective group of people. Rav Hashlag speaks about a concept called "kibutz" which took place the past centuries, the entire concept of Kibutz was created in Israel which is based on socialism. Kibutz was very successful. And he wrote this essay during the times they were successful. Rav Hashlag predicted that it will fade eventually. And if you look now at Israel most of the Kibutz don't support themselves. The values are not like they use to be, people wanted to go back into themselves and less about caring for the society. Briefly, the kibutz is an environment like a village, in which no one has their own possession. Everybody cares about the society, everybody works for the society, village, for the group. It seems to be like a very spiritual concept. Why shouldn't it work? Its not about myself alone, its all about helping others Lets say we're 100 people in the group, and I'm focusing on helping the other 99 people. and I'll be taken care by the kibutz/village/community by that group. It seems to be a very kabbalistic concept. There was one problem about it, which was the reason why Rav Hashlag predicted it won't work in the long term. What was the real issue? The real issue was Ok, so I'm helping 99 people and out of those 99 people 30 of them have a hard time in their life right now. In their marriage, kids, a little sickness, bad mood, some metal issue. So those 30 people are not capable to give back To me and to others in the same level I gave. Suddenly I realize I'm not getting the same energy that I put in. From some people yes, but from others not. So what is human nature? I need to protect myself from those people. If I'm not getting energy from those people human nature is that I can't give back the same energy to those people. So I'm starting to withhold myself I'm starting to give less. And by me giving less, those people I gave less to are giving me less. Since the suport that I'm receiving back is from people People are never perfect. They are never perfect. There will always be issues that people can not give back. In marriage, soulmates, things are amazing. We want to give to each other. We've decided we are committed for this. And i happen to be having a tough time. And my wife is giving more then I am this particular month. Because I not giving back she feels depleted, she feels insecure, she feels not loved. She started to have resentment and issues. And she started to give less because she started to be caught up with her self. Why am I not getting back? And start to complain and feel like a victim. And at the end, each one of us starts to defend ourselves, protecting ourselves. Because the relationship is based on give and take.

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