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Jacque Fresco - Jealousy and Love (Repository)

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Jacque Fresco Talks about Jealousy and Love - Copenhagen, Denmark 27/09/09 The most difficult thing to understand is jealousy. In the future (I'll use an example of Roxanne) if Roxanne fell in love with a younger guy than me or an older guy than me (there's nobody older than me) [audience laughter] but a younger/older guy if that's what she wants, it means that I'm not meeting her needs. If I love her, really love her I will help her pack, because that's what she wants. But in this country: "If you walk, damn it, you're breaking up the home! You're my wife, you're not going to leave me! I'll break your back if you leave this home!" That isn't love. What happens to love during divorce? The wife says "I want the kids and the house!" Where's all the love? Where's it gone? Is there really such a thing? No, there's not. Like I said, love fluctuates. People don't even know how to love. In the future the word love will be thrown out and replaced by another word called 'extensionality.' That means, if you're a pilot, and your right wing catches fire if you side-slip, you can burn the fire off the wing. A guy you meet will say "In case your building catches fire, wet a blanket and lower yourself, because smoke rises." That's extensional to you, REALLY extensional, not patriotism. "I swear to uphold the Constitution..." That is not any measure of patriotism. Patriotism and love is what you do to extend another person's mind or life. A girl is flattered today by you giving her jewelry. She says "Oh, how wonderful! You shouldn't have done that." Then take it back and see what happens. [laughter] It's all a 'bullshit' world so I'm saying "You know what extensionality means?" A person that can extend your ability to understand the world you live in. That's real love. So I say, I don't say, I think, I try to give everybody the best information I have unless it's commercial. A guy says "Your helicopter: I noticed you don't have an anti-torque-propeller." Do you know what that means? When a helicopter blade goes around the body it tends to turn the other way, so they have a propeller on the back that keeps it straight. If they say to me "Your helicopters don't have that; how come?" I don't tell them because that could be a commercial product. I don't want them to come to my meetings just to take all the wonderful ideas and patent them. That's what they did to me in the past. They used to come up to my table at the aircraft factory watch what I was working on, and take out patents on it. Do you understand? They had no conscience. - That's competition. - Well, it's crude I thought, and cruel and the aircraft company owns everything you think of, did you know that? When I go to work for Douglas and invent new things they own everything I think of. If some guy makes a new carburetor in his garage and sells it to General Motors they say "And now, General Motors brings you..." like General Motors did it. Do you understand what I'm saying? Inventors in the future will be taken care of like everybody else. They'll live well, drive the best cars the country knows how to turn out. There will be no junk equipment that breaks down because if it breaks down it's a burden on society. It's a burden on resources. Do you understand that? So by making-... If you drive a Mercedes or some expensive car, and he drives a beat-up old Volkswagen if his brakes fail, you die. We don't want any old cars on the road. An old car weighs as much as a new car so we re-process it. Do you understand that? A guys says "Oh you guys are very nice!" No, not 'we're nice'. We don't want anything detrimental out there. We turn out the best equipment and make it available for everybody not because we're 'good Joe's.' If you work with less than the best you hurt people and yourself. Do you understand that? Kids will have any kind of books free of charge made available because the smarter the kids are...If they read 'Jack and the Beanstalk' it's not extension. If they read 'Cinderella' where she touches a white mouse with a wand and makes it into a horse... you know. If you bring up kids with that kind of shit they can't be extensional. If someone asks "Do you run faster than Billy?" and you nod 'yes' then Billy could resent it [laughter] do you understand? So what, if you run faster than Billy? When I was a kid in school, kids used to walk up to me and say "I can run faster than you." I'd say "You can probably run twice as fast as me!" [laughter] So what? That's competition. It doesn't do any good. Then there's a guy with a football that runs through the field. Everybody likes sports. It's the same fucking story over and over again, nothing new. You're running with a football and then you tackle him. As long as they keep you occupied with bullshit like that you don't move forward. In the future there's no game that's constant. It's always growing. When you play tennis against yourself, you get better but you don't try to get better to beat the other guy. You try to improve your judgment. Do you understand that? If a person is exceptionally creative, very inventive we put them out in schools to teach other kids how to invent because he has a method. I can teach anyone anything unless their hands are broken or their brain is damaged. I used to work with 50 kids. They'd all get 100. There were no variations in grade because I work differently. If you're trying to teach kids how to draw and they look at another kid's drawing, if it's much better than theirs they don't want to play that game. So I have a [separating] partition and I tell each kid he's doing well "You're doing very well" and they all move up slowly. Then in about 3 weeks they're all good then I take away the partition. See, you have to know that if I say to you "Why can't you be like your brother?" if I'm your father "He cleans everything up and you leave everything around." When your brother falls down the stairs you've got a grin on your face because you've been mistreated. You never, when you raise children hold up one kid as your favorite. Then you make jealousy and envy. When you give kids grades in school...I give you an F for failure he gets an A, he says "I got an A!" and everybody in school goes "What grade did you get?" You get bad feelings. It's all wrong. You never grade people. You upgrade those that are behind. You use the kids that know how to do things faster. If you ask people "How do you become creative?" they don't know. We know, so we make everybody creative. Jacque Fresco Talks Continues - Copenhagen, Denmark 27/09/09 Film by Francoiscamera.web.scom

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COP, Denmark on September 27, 2009

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