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Taking Spiritual Responsibility for the Planet - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Taking Spiritual Responsability for the Planet Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee As a mystic, I believe everything belongs to God and everything depends upon God. Yet, we have also been given an experience. An experience that demands that we take responsability. It is growing up. We are not adolescents, we are not children anymore, we are not adolescents anymore. We have been behaving like adolescents who say "We can raid the larder as much as we like because in the end we are going to get looked after, in the end everything is going to work out." One of the shifts that hopefully most of us have made from adolescence into adulthood is saying "It doesn´t always work out like that". The larder doesn´t always get replenished, the parent doesn´t always pay for the car that gets crashed. Sometimes you actually lose the car. Sometimes you actually lose your license. There are real responsabilities and we don´t know, as a race, what it is we are supposed to learn. If we are mature enough, we are aware we have been given responsability for this planet. That should be obvious although, from what happened recently in Copenhagen and what is happening now in South Korea, it appears that we are not taking responsability for the environment. We´ve actually made a collective statement saying: "We don´t care about carbon emissions, what matters to us is short term economic growth". Which is an extraordinary collective statement to make. So we have been given the freedom and the opportunity to take responsability. And what I am saying very passionately is that it´s not just outer responsability. Yes, we have to take responsability for climate change, for species depletion, for the terrible, terrible things... My son is just making a film about the Tar Sands in Alberta where an area the size of England and Wales has been ecologically devastated because of our hunger for oil. I mean, it´s horrible what it´s been done there and all of the implications of that. We have to take responsability for that and we are not at the moment. They´re still pushing for a pipe line to come from Canada all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine? And I am just saying: It is not just physical, it is spiritual. We have to take responsability spiritually. To me, that is growing up. To me that is also an opportunity we, as part of the Divine, as an expression of the Divine, have been given. What is interesting is that what I´ve been talking about, this whole situation, began because we created an image of God that was no longer incarnate. It´s, I hate to say it, one of the shadow sides particular to patriarchal Christianity. God was in heaven, the world was sinful. Even though the Divine was actually embodied by Christ who incarnated it, who didn´t live that split. But something happened in the centuries after that. And if you take spiritual responsability... And what I am talking about here is spiritual responsability and actually began this whole series in 2003 with a talk, a conference in Washington: "Spiritual Responsability at a Time of Global Crisis". If you take spiritual responsability for what is happening in the world you incarnate the Divine into yourself and into the world. You bring that light of Divine consciousness which as human beings we carry, animals don´t carry it in the same way. You incarnate that into yourself and I would say even deeper than into yourself, into Creation. So you embody the Divine and you give that Divine back into Creation so that Creation can evolve. And this is another spiritual teaching, that the Divine is not something static, but the Divine is also evolving. Teilhard de Chardin says: "God evolves through man". So everything is Divine, everything is God - yes. Even the forgetfulness of God is part of God - this is part of the deeper mystery of God, the deeper mystery of the Divine. And... As far as I can see, at this moment in time, we are a place where either that forgetfulness can accelerate - and that would also be an experience of the Divine, because is not for us to question the Divine - or a change can take place which is, at that last moment, the remembrance of the Divine can be born again. Both in the hearts of people but also in the heart of the world.

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If we take spiritual responsibility for what is happening to the world, we incarnate the Divine into ourselves and into the world. It is not just physical responsibility, it is also spiritual. We bring the light of divine consciousness—which as human beings we carry—into ourselves and into creation.

From the event 'Spiritual Ecology' with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. More information can be found at:

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