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Animal Care Hospital of Clifton Park

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Hey everybody, I'm Dr. Andy Roark. I'm here with Dr. Allen Knott at Conerstone Veterinary Hospital in Clifton, New York. I just spent the day with Allen and his whole team, we did some training it was fantastic. He is actually looking for some team members. Dr. Allen Knott: Yeah we are, I mean we're growing and its something we're looking for new team members, we're looking for technicians, we're looking for assistants, we're looking for CSRs or Client Service Representatives/Receptionists and even the right Veterinarian. We are looking to grow! Dr. Andy Roark: That's right. You guys this hospital is fantastic. We thought we'd jump on and talk about the top five reasons that you should think about coming and working at Cornerston Vet Hospital. And so I will say #1 from my time with you guys is culture. This is a supportive, positive team, if you want to work with some great people who look out for each other, that are doing great stuff that pull together, that have team work as a core value Guys, your hospital is great. You've got a great culture. Dr. Allen Knott: Yeah, I mean we work on it all the time. We want culture I mean we believe in it., that's why Andys here I mean It's to enhance that and make sure our team keeps growing in culture and we take care of our team. Dr. Andy Roark: #2 Quality of Care, What do you mean when you say that? Dr. Allen Knott: Quality of care is, I mean we are going to offer the top quality that we can to every patient, every client. We picture every thing around it, we custom our care to every single patient that comes in the door. So we are gonna give our very best to every pet. Dr. Andy Roark: So speaking of the building, got a brand new building. Brand new gorgeous facility, just moving in. Dr. Allen Knot: Yup Dr. Andy Roark: Tell us about the facility. Dr. Allen Knott: So, new facility, we are going to be moving in here shortly, prolly within the next 2 to 4 weeks. Huge upgrade for us! We're going from about 2,500 square feet to just under 8,000 square feet. Three exam rooms to ten exam rooms, dedicated surgical suite dedicated dental suite, dedicated special procedures. Large state of the art boarding facility that is separate for dogs and cats. It's awesome, I mean we can't wait to show everyone. Dr. Andy Roark: #4 is the continuing education that you guys offer.

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