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MM EP 273

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[ Music ] >> So, want to tune your axe? [ Music ] >> For any of you out there that play an instrument that you need to tune, let me show you a little feature of Garage Band that'll get you playing the right notes. I have an empty Garage Band project open here, and it doesn't matter if it's empty or not, because we're just going to use a small little feature. Garage Band has a display down here that's called the LCD. The LCD has four types, one of them is a tuner. And I can switch the types by clicking these little arrows over here. And I can also click the control menu, and choose any one of the four types. And as you can see, the first option is tuner, which is going to help us get in tune, so I'm going to click on that. So now I just need to play a note on my instrument, and watch the tuner. In my case, I have a ukulele here that I need to tune, so I'll play the first string, which should be tuned to a G. [ Music ] And as we can see, I'm pretty close to a G, because the tuner shows me that I'm playing a G in the middle of the tuner. And the display shows in red, because I'm a bit out of tune. When the note is in tune, the tuner will turn blue. And looking a little closer, I can see the red bars on either side. These indicate whether the note is flat or sharp. Flat notes are on the left, and sharp notes are on the right. So when I play, you can see that I'm a bit flat. I'll use the tuning pegs on my uke to fix things using the display. [ Music ] There, it's in blue, which means I'm in tune. So let's do that to the rest of my ukulele and see how in tune it is. That's pretty good. E, that's blue. And then A. Ooh I'm a little sharp. [ Music ] There we go. Let's see how that sounds. [ Music ] Other than my lame playing, it sounds pretty good. So this will work on any instrument that you can tune, even your voice. I'll save you from that demo though. See you next time. [ Music ] >> MLTI Minute.

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Posted by: thart on Sep 20, 2012

MLTI Minute episode 273

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