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3020 What health checks do you need when you have Diabetes

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When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, we need to keep a closer eye on your health to check that your diabetes is well controlled, and to look for any signs of complications. This means you will be invited for health check ups at least once a year. To monitor the level of sugar in your blood we will use a blood test called HbA1c. It is a measure of the average level of sugar in your blood over the previous three months. If your HbA1c level is normal, we know that you have good control of your blood sugar. But if your score is too high, you may be at higher risk of developing complications. Your GP or practice nurse will be able to explain your HbA1c result and what it means for you. Diabetes places you at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, which is a group of conditions affecting your blood vessels and heart. To monitor you, we will do the following tests: A blood test to measure the level of fats such as cholesterol in your blood, and to check your kidney function. Blood pressure. If this is too high, we will give you advice to help lower it, or we may start you on blood pressure tablets. Weight. If you are overweight we will give you advice about healthy eating and exercise, and may refer you to a weight management service. Depending on the results, you may be invited more frequently for assessment to review your diabetes management. We know that poorly controlled diabetes can damage the cells in the back of your eyes, affecting how well you see. Therefore, you will be invited for an annual eye test. This is a free test and is different to the type of eye test your optician performs. A special camera takes a picture of the back of your eye to look for any evidence of damage to the cells. If you notice a deterioration in your vision between eye tests, it is important to see your GP straight away. Diabetes affects the nerves and blood vessels which supply your feet, putting you at an increased risk of foot ulcers, which you may not feel if you have lost sensation in your feet. You will be invited to a yearly foot check. The nurse or podiatrist will look at the condition of your feet and check whether your sensation is normal. If you notice in between checks that you have lost any sensation in your feet please see your GP or diabetes team. Smoking and diabetes are not a good combination. Together they put you at an even higher risk of developing complications such as heart attack, stroke and foot ulcers. If you are a smoker, you strongly advised to quit. Your local stop smoking service will be able to help you with this by giving you information and support to help you quit.

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3020 What health checks do you need when you have Diabetes

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