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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~20:31:08 - 20:46:03

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Eh? Well, my former English teacher... Yeah... Through the teacher... But there were some conditions such as age and income. It seems there was no one else who fit but me. When they asked me, I accepted. It was like that. It was rough today... As usual I moved around on my wheel chair, there was enough space... You know it takes about 10 minutes to get to the station, right? Anyway... The guy was running... poor guy. — You should've moved at the same speed — Poor guy... He was sweating a lot... ...and the handles were sticky... — Was he that close? — Yes. I'm sorry... He just went away, and didn't say anything. You should've handed him a rain coat. — Rain coat? — That is what rain coats are for. You're right. Is it difficult for you to move when raining? Yes, it is. It slips. You don't wear anything else? I wear gloves, that's it. I don't wear any rain coat — Maybe you should detach it. — Huh? Detach the rear tires. That is not the point. It slips a lot. But, you know... Those handles are shaped in that way you can hold them. Those kind of handles may be helpful when raining. The handles of my wheel chair slip when it's raining. Wrap a rubber band around them. Does it many it different? I wrapped rubber bands on the handles. Oh... rubber. — When it stops... — Yeah It doesn't stop right away. I don't use a rain coat when I go out. I wear a poncho. Ponchos are easy to wear. The sides come around here, and it covers me down to my thighs. Maybe you should put it on... — It's not that... — Above and below... You see... When running, the wind pushes the poncho against the body. That's OK. But when you stop, the wind that blows from the side uncovers you. So... For bikes... I wish there were ponchos made of thicker material. Like the one that Mr. Nohara has? That one is good. Now that I think of it, it was well made. Oh, and it's not that I didn't trust you. I wore it, and it felt hot. It was still OK. Can't do much about that. If you open holes... It feels hot, no matter what you wear under it. I see your point. However... It gets more expensive... making the jacket and the pants or using different materials. For example, if the upper part is made of water repelling nylon, like the one used with umbrellas, and you put something else on the back side, using a couple layers of clothes, you can get some ventilation. The bottom part needs to be of certain weight and have a certain shape. If it's the kind that holds its shape they are more expensive. — The price... — Windbreakers also... The wheel chair gets wet... — I see... — So... I mean... It's not because I saw you wearing that rain coat but it looks good. What? Well... I won't forget that day. I was worried about my yukata... I looked for one in Mixi, too. Yes, Mixi. In less than three days he said "We found it!" He sounded so happy. So, that type of yukata was OK... And what about the wedding dress? Ai was chosen and the dress fits her pretty well. And when they mentioned "rain coats"... I told him I know someone who looks well in one. I don't get it... When he heard that, he saw him and said... "Oh, it's you!" It was so difficult not to laugh that day. Then, he let us into the waiting room. It's so funny... — Did I say something that annoyed you? — No, not at all. — I'm kinda proud of that. — See? They talk about you when they say "prince". My mom knows we call him "prince". "Who're you going with? Prince and Mr. Okano?" By the way, did you go on a date to Ikebukuro the other day? Yes, I went shopping. Don't call me "rain coat prince" on messages in Mixi... — Please don't. — I didn't. It's even on the blog. Yup. She calls you that way on the blog. — Maybe we should call him just "prince". — Yeah. Say... I hate passing by the "Oji" train station... — You hate it? — Why? It reminds me of you, since "Oji" means "Prince". That's so funny! Some people may not like how it turned out ... But a lot of things that happened during that program. I won't tell that to the performers. First of all... I was told to come in jeans and a t-shirt... I thought it was going to be something casual, but it wasn't. — I said "What?" — It figures. So that's what happened. — I couldn't say a thing... — I see. You didn't say we were coming, did you? No, I didn't. I didn't think you would come if I did. Call me at least when you go to Shibuya. I'll introduce you to my teacher in NHK. Cool. When I went to a soccer match I met this person wearing a rain coat and we having talking a lot since the match, and calling each other on regular basis. He asked me to go... Two guys wearing rain coats making noises... You went by car? Well... — We went on a van cause it raining. — Huh? — It was raining. —I see. I asked Nagai if he wanted to ride... broke the Japanese bench press record. — Wow! —It was light... - Here, Ace... Wham! Here? Blam. Hmm... strong guy Carrying a person in your arms... Yea, when riding a car... Isn't it difficult for a woman? It should be fine with a normal car... — But... — Two women? — Yeah — Only one? Someone who is used to that should be able to do it? — My sister can... — Yeah, Rin-chan can do it alone. She can carry a person in and out of cars. I tried to learn by watching her... You mean, holding your knees, too, right? I tried to use that on Maru... but it didn't work. — Eh? — I wanted to throw things at you. It should be easy, once you learn how to carry people. The other day... I realized that... if you learn certain kind of Japanese martial arts you can pull people from the floor with ease, and carry them without much effort. There are special classes to learn this. But the opponent... Martial arts... Instead of carrying people like this... — If you hold the person like this... you can carry a person using all your body. I see If you learn to do it this way you don't have to do much effort. It becomes easy, and there are special classes for caretakers. I would like to learn that... If you know how to do that... Is that what they say, do it like this...? Wait... The power of martial arts... If you hold someone like this... — It depends on what's going on in your mind. — Huh? If you think you can carry something and concentrate on that you should be able to carry them easily. I must add I have never thought I could not carry you. — So... — You tried using only your strength. It wasn't like that... That day... Mr. Kaga's face was pretty close to mine — And he was sweating a lot! — Wait... — It was hot that day... — I know. And also... He was panting for air, just sweating a lot... I was thinking "wow..." — Must've been hard... — And also... I went on my own car and tried to open the door I put the wheel chair as close as possible and tried to carry him... but I couldn't. He didn't move at all. I felt so sad that, when I got home I sat holding my knees, thinking about what had gone wrong. My joints... The joints from my waist down to my feet don't work well. If you try to carry me, my upper body stretches, but my lower body stays where it is. People say "you're very heavy." When the doctor measured my weight, he said "What!? Your weight seems different." He also said "This can't be possible." and asked me about my joints. — How much do you weight? — 64 kg. What? I can't believe that either. - I thought you were weighed about 85... perhaps 86 with the chair. Naah. Wheel chairs aren't that heavy. — But, Ito also ... This morning a friend of mine came to check the gas pipes in a minivan. I have been interested in those kind of cars for a while. There were lot of tools and machines in the back of the car of my friend. And it also carried a bath tub. If I take everything and open the back, and place a ramp, I think I can put a couple wheel chairs in it. Wouldn't that be difficult? Maybe, yes, but I would not be using electric lifts or anything like that. I think I can put two wheel chairs in a car like that. Yeah, I think so, too. Those cars are pretty convenient. I'm OK. Just put a rope on the car and pull Maru. Wouldn't that be big, Maru? — He may be among the tools... — Maybe. Won't it be fun if you adjust the tires of a wheel chair to the same width of the train rails and be pushed by the trains? — That's scary! — To be pushed by trains? — Yup. — You mean, put the chair in front of the driving seat? If the wheel chair is pulled by the train, the train stops, and if you don't hit the breaks in time, you'll hit the train face first. But if you're pushed, you'll continue moving even after the train stops. And when the train moves... never mind. — It won't work either way — Duh. No way. Wouldn't it be funny? No, just scary. Very scary. I'll let you ride my bike's side car if you want to. — That's scary... — I agree. Too scary! I thought about that when I was at the train station. The platforms are not flat because of the rain, right? I thought about that, if you fall and the wheel chair falls on the tracks... I see. — The rails are... — Yeah, pretty wide.

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