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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A Demon Asking Questions - Elvis Presley Ah! this is Elvis Presley and I am here to, speak to you about my experience after I died in this earthly plane and my experience with demons so I died and I experienced myself in the demon dimension now during that time, when you died you'd go to a- a dimensional existence but at that time there were multiple and I was, a demon yes, now this was not based on a 'choice' no this was done according how to how you lived your Life so apparently something decided that I must be- become a demon or exist in a demon dimension and that I was not worthy enough to ascend or go to a, dimensional planes or you know whatever scientific names there is for a dimensional existence or experience a heaven or a god or angels and masters and guides never had the opportunity to meet them which I am probably grateful for (laugh) so yah, and I died and I found myself in this dimensional existence in the demon dimension you know, first when I died I kind of went- ~cool ~ I'm able to walk through people I'm able to walk through walls and I am still here, but no one is able to see me you know, for awhile it's fun you know, you go: Great! who's able to do this but, you know (laugh) the more you continue you go: Hum, no one is able to see me problem, and no one is able to 'hear' me, problem and in terms of you know what do you call them? channelers and psychics during that time, they were all like- stuck up people, persons and, I never had the opportunity, to have the opportunity or have been given the opportunity to speak through channels and psychics during that time because I was a demon yes, Elvis the demon and but I wasn't aiding them ok so that's an- interesting concept I was a demon but I wasn't a demon, what does that mean? ok, I was in the demon dimension which was a dimensional existence here on earth amongst! and inside human beings so, demons existed from human being's, energetic compound of emotions and feelings yes, Elvis Presley as me had an education, of a vast extent when I died so I am able to talk about these things because I experienced it I know what I'm talking about and otherwise I wouldn't have been able to, would I? now of course I suppose many human beings would suppose me when I died, I probably be in the dimension still making some music no, it didn't happen I- was expanding myself and expanding my- my experience of myself in existence when I was in the demon dimension so what are demons? demons are usually beings who die who are, trapped in a singular mind construct and they cannot release or free themselves from that singular mind construct and thus they- they require a- a energetic source which are provided through emotions and feelings from human beings to keep them in that singular mind construct because that mind construct within which they're trapped require- energy and require an energy source which is provided from human beings which I said were emotions and feelings to keep that one singular mind construct in which they are trapped- going so it's not really the being per se that requires that energy as a demon to exist but it's that mind construct that they believe themselves to be in which they are stuck, that requires that energetic feeding source I was fortunate enough to not be stuck in a singular mind construct, I had sense from a perspective of you know asking simple questions like firstly, who decides me becoming a demon? why was my Life judged? because I am born, I don't know what is going on in my world when I am here, I mean if I- you're unaware, and then you die and then you go ok that was my Life, and now I'm here but why am I here? I was born I didn't know what my Life is going to be so how could I be prejudged, and then live my Life and then die and then be condemned type thing you know that's how it basically worked and, you know I basically asked simple questions you know: Who had the power to say that to me? who had the power to say I must be born into this Life to specifically have this specific outcome when I die! and, so I continued to ask these questions and, so I learned quite an extensive amount in the demon dimension I'd say dimensionally the demons were more educated than any other beings in the dimensions during that time they knew a lot more about earth, human beings, existence in its entirety and, they actually had access here and dimensional beings in terms of you know the ah ~ angels and the ah ~ guides and the ah ~ gods and the ah ~ goddesses were had like these- bloody schedules to come down and you know if they were required to speak through people and they actually had schedules and what to say and how to say it, and they were all like (serious) stuff like that and demons were 'free' to a certain extent, free from the perspective of they weren't stuck in a obligated cycle of necessity of 'being' and of what- you know being told what to say how to say what to be and how to be but in terms of how I experience myself I was still lost to a certain extent lost from a perspective of, that I didn't fully understand me, understand that I actually had the ability to possibly stand up and make a difference in the dimensional existence but you know, it's a strange thing that happens and, I found it very fascinating you know you get all these knowledge and information like I did I mean I understand a lot why demon exist? why gods goddesses masters angels exist guides exist who were the creators? why were human beings created, how were they created? how does this systems work inside human beings, I knew everything why were the systems there, what is reincarnation the soul construct the white light construct, conscious- mind consciousness systems, implants from other planets involved and experimenting with human beings I knew everything but you know what? what didn't exist possibly is common sense going: Elvis you know, maybe you should do something about this it is bizzare I know although I knew everything, all that I did was chase demons out of people for a while and some of them you know I- I was able to kind of direct for a purpose or a reason to do a specific application to maybe assist human beings in some way, but that was also only some so that was, a little bit part of my experience in the demon dimension during that time so this is Elvis, saying thank you very much For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: The Sun, Prescott Sheldon Bush, Karl Heinrich Marx CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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