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Interview Boro with subtitles

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Could you please introduce yourself? My name is Iovane Boro from the chiefly village of Lovoni in Fiji I am sub-provincial representative of Ovalau Island at the Lomaviti Provincial Council. How long have you been here? We started working on the model in the morning at around half past eight. Could you please tell us what you have been able to do together with the youth today? I am happy to share what we have done so far. What did you learn? I have seen what the people of the sub provinces of Nasintu and Levuka have done. I can foresee the image of Lovoni. I have been surprised by the talent these young people have shown in constructing a model of the island of Ovalau. When I first saw their work it already had the resemblance of a landscape with hill-tops and valleys around ... ... my village. This makes it easy for us to identify and name the respective mountains. In what way do you think this type of 3D model can be used? It can be used for many things. In terms of agriculture we can see a lot of underutilized land ... ... which may still be farmed. It also helps the tourists to have a bird's eye view of the Island and to locate at a first glance all lakes, rivers, traditional pathways ... ... and national roads. It helps them better understand the land- and seascapes of Ovalau ... For what concerns us farmers, we can suggest to the youth the areas which can still be farmed ... ... and what can be planted. Do you think this 3D model could be useful to better manage the natural resources in the future? It can help a lot. When you look at the coast, there is hardly land available for farming. It's almost dried up. People who live along the coasts can be encouraged to plant a lot of trees. At my village, Lovoni, there is a lot of arable land available. The community could encourage the youth to farm. The model also helps the people of Ovalau to identify areas best suited for livestock. When we see the growing population of Ovalau and the limited land availbale, ... ... this model could help future generation in better planning. This 3D model is the first one manufactured in the Pacific. Are you grateful for that? I am grateful to the Government for this opportunity: ... It promotes Ovalau Island internationally. Most importantly we - the people of Ovalau - ... ... better understand what surrounds us, what we have used, and achieved, ... ... and what land is available, challenging us to utilize it, sustainably. This model is of a great help. I have lived in Lovoni for thirty years ... ... I have hunted a lot between Lovoni, Cawaci, and Rukurukuru. Nonetheless, this has been my first opportunity to see what Ovalau consists of and what it looks like in its integrity.

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Posted by: giacomo on Feb 23, 2010

Interview Boro with subtitles

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