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La promessa della stampa 3D

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3D printing is only a tool. And as you said before, a tool is nothing without its craftsman. A craftsman who knows how to use it and how to fully exploit it, in all its potential. So a technology like 3D printing, can really be pushed to its most extreme limits, in fields that can maybe reside outside the visual spectrum of those who thinks within well built limits. I was lucky enough to approach very interesting matches. even in fields almost science-fiction like. For example, if we think of the 3D printing of organs, perhaps someone may have heard the news, but who could really understand the future implications and what it may mean this step forward, in a world that is changing with the technology that builds it? So 3D printing helps biotechnology, as it helps the creation of small individual hobbyists, of robots, of drones, as Roberto will tell us later. I'm sure, and I saw it with my own eyes, communities that grow and develop, in totally unexpected directions. All because of people like me, fairly immodestly, and other creative young people, who want to push their skills and the ability of the technology in new directions. So, the synergy that is created in these situations, should not be taken lightly. And that's what even the largest companies in the world, should keep more under control, even for their own good. A check which must be taken also toward the political implications, which a power as great as that of the different technologies which we are facing, they will have in a future not too far away.

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Posted by: hoepli on May 20, 2015


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