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You know, a lot of people kind of snuff their nose at reincarnation. But I for one, kind of think that without it I don't think we can explain our world. Because there are so many different things that happen in our lives that correlate. I mean you walk into a room and you feel like you been in that room. You meet people and you kind of dislike them from the first moment you meet them. I mean... Doesn't say anything, how can you dislike them? Or it's someone you just fall in love with. Where does that come from? Where were those energies, come from? We believe thoroughly that everything that happens in our lives either has happened before. I mean why are there people seeking spirituality? And there are those that are just very happy living their lives and doing the things that make them happy, being with their friends, spending pleasant evenings with their family and they have no regard, they don't care and they are happy with themselves. For us we simply say there are different levels that people go through. There are young souls and those are the people that are sort of like not interested in anything that sounds or smacks like, even religion perhaps, or likes anything spiritual. Those are younger souls. The older souls are people who have been here for many, many lifetimes. We believe that the different aspects of our life, the children we have, the relationships we have are there to teach us life lessons. And it is through the teachings of reincarnation that we can pick up those lessons and learn from them. Because we believe that the Torah is all truth, so in a place where there is all truth there cannot be lies. ........ But yet we know that in a Jewish court that if two witnesses come and say that they saw somebody steal from the other person, chances are the judge will find that this other person is guilty. Now if it didn't happen then how could there be perfect truth into a doctrine that could be faulted? To answer that question I'd like to answer that with a story. There was a man who came to his teacher and said: "Can you tell me is justice done in this world? Is good deeds rewarded? Is punishment given?" And he said: "You know what, instead of me answering your question tomorrow I would like you to go to the park at noon. I would like you to sit and just observe what will happen." The next morning comes and he goes to this park and it's a beautiful sunny day and he sees a man come by carrying a huge valise. He goes to look in his pocket for a moment he is upset about something and he runs away leaving the valise there. And within that second comes another man who opens this valise and he sees it's loaded with cash, closes (takes) it and leaves. And with that a third man comes. He sits himself down by the same tree. He is having a wonderful time, in the sun having a sandwich and in the first man comes back. And he says to him: 'Where is my valise?' And he says: 'What valise I didn't see any valise.' He says: 'Don't give me that, I didn't leave here ten minutes ago. I left the valise here and I want my money back right now.' He says: 'I don't know what you are talking about.' Well he picks him up and he shakes him and he beats him then finally out of exasperation he throws him against the tree and he walks away. Night comes, the student comes to the teacher and says: "Yeah I realize that, you know, we have to wait for the next world. Because I just saw a very, very weird thing. I saw a man receive a great deal of money for no reason, another man lose a great deal of money for no reason, and a third man being brutally beaten for no reason. So I understand that there are things that in this world are not comprehensible." And the teacher is looking at him and saying: "Don't you know, don't you remember? King David said they've got eyes but they don't see, they have ears but they don't hear. Don't you know what happened there?" He says: "The first man and the second man, they were in business together in the last life time. And the first man stole that money from the second man. He is just taking back what belongs to him." He says: "Okay, that sounds reasonable. But what about this third guy that was so brutally beaten?" He says: "Oh, he was the judge, he was the guy that said the first guy was right." How do I answer the story? Very simple. We lose things in our life, but some of the things we lose it's better to lose in this way. Thank you.

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Posted by: asamsky on Dec 14, 2012

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