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The Dungeon Inc. Body Art Studio Medieval Games 09

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ah...down on the ground Dane! Way to stick it Buddy Ah, Dane gets 2 more points And, Richie gets another. That's 3 to 2, with Dane in the lead. ...motto holds true, I'll Kick your ass... Apparently, Richie is feeling the brunt of that statement. Dane should play with that stick more often. Side note from the lady...on the field. She...somethin' I don't know what's going on. It's the alcohol, apparently. Of the event... Massive amounts of alcohol. Oh... another point for Dane. That's 4 to 2... Aahhh... Bitch... Ooh Could've got the bonus point, for standing it up on end, Dane is closer to the target today, I can't tattoo, Ha Ha Ha. For this looks like... there's gona' be a break soon, but ah... Round 13... Round 13? Wow, we've come a long way... Must be because of the massive amounts of alcohol... The lady on the field, getting her hands on approach... to the...aahh...action, the action. to the action, here. looks like we'll continue Dane seems to be in the lead here... Of course he, aahh... He traveled to Greece last year to train with the Olympics Apparently, Richie had visited the Arnold Schwarzenegger memorial museum That's true, he did. He picked up a little...technique. That form that Richie uses is called, "Who's Your Daddy?" "And What Does He Do?" Oh, see, and Dane and Dane decided to pull out the same technique and clearly, it works. So after round, ah, 37 Dane is in the lead with 36 points and Richie has 35 We'll be right back after these messages.. brought to you by TOP tobacco. TOP Tobacco... (singing) Makes ya sick, ya it does... but you gotta smoke it when you don't have any thing else... TOP Tobacco! Alright Jim We're back into the action Right You Are, Ken, ha ha ha. What are you laughing about? He's Like 'Right You Are Ken', Oh, my God... Woo, alright...back into the ah... Oh, my God...Oh, damn. Tell ya what, that's good times... over here at The Dungeon Inc...ah what was it called? The Medieval Javelin Throw, Ken. Get your boyds right. That's why you're not the lead commentator, you're only the camera man. If you were not paying attention, That's 2 for me, and Zero for him. Alright, that's 2 for Richie. And Zero for Dane. 28 points for Richie, eh... And 70 for, eh 78 points for Richie, and 77... Indeed, right you are Ken...Oh... It seems to be there's a...bit... Foul on the side lines, (drunk) Tobacco spill. Disqualification! The judges say... The Judges say... Is he disqualified? Disqualified! Totally! Yah... Dane? Out of anger of being disqualified from the tournament do to bad conduct...Anger! Dane do your anger. It seems, it seems Richie is the winner of the tournament. it seems like Richie is, indeed. Dane was disqualified...Oh, look at that...all right We got a direct hit, a direct hit, A direct bulls eye. It has been unheard of today of a championship. Pole Vault! 73 BC Bulls eye, ya... I remember that. Do you remember that? I was there I believe you were a little... Halfling Indeed, you were Ken. Did I give you a cigarette, yet? Figure eights, (drunken slurs) fare woman on the field. Hmm... She's not on the field yet. Give me, like, 2 more beers. Ha, ha, ha...Hah! Think So? Seems to be some kind of sexual tension... with the spectators... and our employee they're out there on the field, not spectators? Oh God! Okay, off the field. Back to Jim...Jim? Ah, yes Ken. Seems to be a very heated competition today here at the javelin throw. Oh, it's a slight out. Seems that Richie's enjoying his win. He's enjoying his win on the javelin throw. Indeed. Right you are, Ken. There seems to be quite a lot of excitement going on. Probably, ah, well, the javelin throw, and massive amounts of alcohol. And it seems to be the javelin throw is over. And, ah, Richie wins...ah No, Dane wins... Fuck it, Everybody's drunk, so... I got him by the wings This is spectators. It gets're too Close. There ya go.

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Posted by: psycodacie on May 18, 2010

axe, and javelin throwing at the Streate's home for their 5th anniversary party with silly commendation by Adam, and Joel.

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