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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience UberPool] Many cities have a service called UberPool. On an UberPool trip, a rider shares part of your trip with another rider. and both of them save money, so a lot of people love it. As drivers, UberPool trips are great, because we stay busier and we make more money. They also help us get our incentive goals. If you are on an UberPool trip, you do need to be ready for that second trip request during that trip. When you pick up a rider, and Uber asks you to confirm the number of passengers at the pickup point, that means it's an UberPool trip. Confirm the number of riders and follow the navigation that Uber gives you. When you get a second trip request, follow the directions to pick up that rider. It's that simple. However, it's a good idea to confirm with your first rider how UberPool works. Say something like "This is UberPool." "I may pick up additional passengers," and "I will be using Uber navigation to get us to our destination." "Sound good?" If you say this before starting a trip, the rider can tell you if they ordered UberPool by mistake, and then they can cancel. Uber will determine which rider should be dropped off first and the best way to get them there. Remember that because we are following Uber's directions, the first rider in, might be the last rider out. The rider is paying us according to the route Uber gave us, so we want to make sure to follow those directions. ♪ music playing ♪ [UBERPOOL REVIEW] [Confirm with your first rider how UberPool works] [Be ready for a second trip request.] ♪ upbeat music playing ♪

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