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Entrevista Faby 25 March 2018 03 06 07 PM

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Hello my name is Mirla Estrada and I am here with Winalis, Victor, and Kathy. and we are going to be talking about the unborn life from a Pentecostal viewpoint. We are going to start with the first general question. When do you believe that human life begins? Hi, in my opinion, the human life begins at the moment of conception. I also agree with what sister Kathy said. From the moment a woman's sperm and a man's sperm fuse together, life begins. That's my point of view and based on the Bible we can reference so many verses and it will prove that 100% Well my answer I will give in Spanish. I am going to speak from a biblical theological viewpoint and I will use as authority the basis of biblical theological ethics The beginning of life begins from the moment of conception The Bible affirms that the fetus is a creation of God and in Psalms 139:13 it says “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.” According to the Psalmist, the beginning of life is an event caused by the will of God. The verse shows God as the source of the biological laws and of the human conception. At what stage do you believe that ensoulment occurs? Well, the soul is developed overtime I believe that at the moment of conception there is a soul, but that soul and conscientiousness of the soul happen when the child comes into reason As he grows older after childhood Well early stages of childhood Very well I agree with what Kathy said. From the moment life exists, the soul exsists The soul has two stages it has an innocent stage of development that is when the fetus is already fertilized, the soul already exists. And, as my sister said in reference to the Psalms where David says, “from my mother's womb I was chosen.” Also, there is another part where it says “from my mother's womb, I saw you.” Then the soul has two stages

one of knowledge from the moment life begins until the child begins to have reason of what's happening around them, and as an adult. Ok well, this has been very debated in the Christian church by many theologians that study bioethics. It has been well discussed One of the reasons that it has been well discussed is because the soul is regarded as the psychological part of the human being. Therefore, for a person to be able to say that it has a soul, it has to be a rational thinking being, according to what's being discussed by bioethics and what's being discussed by many theologians now. The fetus however does not have the capacity to react. However, they are complete beings structured to mature along its own line of time. The fetus is not simply a biological tissue as many people claim Actually the human embryo in its early stage of development is ready and able to eventually receive the gift of an immortal soul in the hands of God So although at the time of fertilization the human being or the fetus, does not have the ability to rationalize or to be a thinking being it is part of the natural process that God has created so that the fetus eventually over a period of time if it can rationalize Then I think that the soul can be there waiting for some time until these stages of development begin to occur. Then the fetus that will eventually become a child, will become a thinking being. How can we comfort and safeguard women who believe that laws such as anti-abortion laws is an overreach of Government power into their bodies. So the decision to abort is a very personal one and based on spirituality. Personally in my spirituality, only in extreme cases that are very few and far between is it consciously permissible to abort, to end, or terminate a pregnancy. So that being said,in the Constitution, the government cannot make laws that are spiritual. They can't decide your spirituality or how you live your religious life. Except for, there should be guidelines of course, and such as of today, there are guidelines as to when, up to what point in a pregnancy is okay to terminate a pregnancy. So there are laws, of course. But, aside from that,it should be the person's decision whether to terminate or not. I will not, and I do not agree with it spiritually at all and I really think it is committing a sin to abort, but as far as the government deciding that, that is overstepping its power and its reach. Very well, I will give you my point of view as the Christian and according to us, we believe in the Bible. These are our rules to follow as Christians. In the book of Genesis in chapter 1 verse 28, God gives us a mandate to fill the earth and fructify, this is a blessing for women, to be able to be a part of something so big, of a mandate as beautiful as having a family. But, from my Christian point of view. I would say that the only way a woman can reach that clear decision as Kathy said, it is something very personal but the only way I would say is if her life is at risk. But at the same time nobody can force her because not even God obliges us. God has given us free will for us to make our decisions. So that is a very personal decision, but as I said before we as Christians do not believe in abortion unless it is putting the life of the mother at risk. Okay from a theological point of view, God has a plan with each life even before birth. Isaiah 66:09 says, “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.” Isaiah 49:15 states, “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” This shows us that from the moment of conception, God has a plan for the life of the human being. We are going to talk about it from a scientific point of view, because there are many women who think, I am protected by the law, therefore I have the right to abort my child. The child is part of my body and I have the right to decide what I am going to do with my body. Well, from the scientific point of view it says that after the maternal and paternal chromosomes are redistributed to form a zygote,it passes to be genetically independent of its progenitors. It is a new being that from the moment of being conceived has, the recorded complete message of its genome and the individual potential to develop. That is, from the moment of conception, the woman does puts her uterus so that the child can develop in it, but the child is a completely genetically independent being of his parents. That person becomes a person completely individual. Okay, now let's also talk from a legal point of view. The Legal Public Law 108 2:12 US Law, recognizes the fetus in the womb as a legal victim. What does that mean ? That there is a double standard. On one hand people complain to the government that they should not should not meddle in their affairs. For example, the government cannot tell you what to do with your body but on the other hand the government itself accepts that if a murderer or someone kills a pregnant woman it is considered a double homicide. A double murder. This is a double standard because how can a fetus be considered a life under the law? But the law itself also gives women the freedom to abort it? In that same law it says that the fetus is defined as a member of the homo-sapiens species in all stages of its gestation. What that means is that simply by being of the homo sapiens species that person has the right to life and that same law is accepting that person has the right to life What are your thoughts on IVF or Stem Cell Research? IVF (In vitro fertilisation) that’s a tough one, its very controversial. I believe that up to a point a women that has trouble with fertility should have available to her or to the couple different medications or treatments to help, you know the conception. IVF though, for me in my opinion is a different story for me is a little bit like playing God. Because, now you are doing the conception it self outside of the womb and it's being done in a way that is not natural to occur .It's being done scientifically so, I really think that is something that shouldn't be done. I personally wouldn't do it. I would go up to fertilization treatments, pills or shots to stimulate, but in vitro, no. As far as stem cells research is the same thing, now we are getting into things like playing with the DNA, and what they call genetic engineering, and we are getting into a dangerous territory because I think that all of those things, go outside of what is natural in a human life and natural in science. In this case I believe that there are several points of views that we have to observe. For example, there are people as Sister Kathy said, that cannot have children. They look for any means to reach their goals. When God in the book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, told man to unite with the woman and fill the Earth It was all for a purpose. Now with these scientific and technological advancements, there are many points that can come into play. For example, there are women who do not want to have a husband, when God said that man is going to join his wife and that they will become a family God institutes it, He forms it. But, there are women who do not want to have a man and want to have their children in a singular way. That is by themselves and they do not want to depend on any man. Now, God's command is for that child to have the ease of having a father and also a mother. Because, God created everything with a purpose. This is one of the points of view. And, I think that as Kathy said, we have to be very very careful in this, because we play a role of God. And, whenever you play a role of God believe me that the consequences, are not so favorable. Well, the IVF issue is a very delicate topic because there are people who cannot have children. First, looking at it from a morally ethical point of view, I think that the people who pursue IVF must be male and female couples. It should not be people who just want have a child without family, as brother Manuel stated. I also believe that God gave science to the experts. This IVF would be perhaps a manipulation to join a sperm with an egg to form a new life and would in a certain way be a human manipulation. But, if we think that God is the one who gives life and that there can be no life without God, all these children who have been born of IVF, God must have put life through that human manipulation that somehow God has allowed these children to be born because even if they had been manipulated manually and it is a doctor who does the procedure of joining that sperm to that ovule, there can be no life if God did not create that life, because if we know and declare that God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent it is God who did it. Now there is a very important point here about this IVF and is that doctors generally want to make many zygotes and create many embryos because they have to be put mostly three in three . Almost always they are put three in three and often take many attempts and the woman can not get pregnant until maybe the second or third or fourth try . So then what happens with the embryos that are frozen? This is a very big question. What happens with the embryos that are frozen? If life starts from the moment of conception, then those frozen embryos are alive, if those frozen embryos are discard, it would be equivalent to killing them. My point then in that is that if the person is with her husband, and they cannot have children and decides to practice a fertilization in vitro, in my case what I would do would be to tell the doctor that I will implant exactly the amount of embryos that are going to implant in this case perhaps three and not save or freeze any embryo. That would be my opinion about it. Now that we talked a little about the stem cell research and we went in to the topic of family, I would like to know what is your understanding of family and marriage in a Christian viewpoint or traditional as well? Okay so marriage is a union between a man and a woman according to the Bible. That is how God established it from the very beginning that was His purpose. That's why He created a man and then created a women. It's very clear right from the beginning of Genesis. You are a man and you are a woman you are supposed to be together. You are supposed to have a family and I believe everything deviated from that, is not God's plan. We repeat the same quote that was previously stated. In Genesis 1:28 where the Lord gives us the commandment to fill the Earth, to reproduce. The book of Genesis, chapter 2 verse 24 says that man will join.. telling us very specifically that man will join his wife and the two are going to form one flesh. See, all these questions are interwoven with each other and are linked together. For example, when we talk about the previous question when a woman is united to another woman, and they do IVF, we are going to the same issue of there is no family there. God gives the model of the family. A man and a woman, not woman and woman and man and man but man and woman. As Christians, we have to stand firm in what God has stipulated. We love lesbian people. We love homosexuals.We also believe that God can transform their lives but in no way are we going to leave our beliefs that are mandates of God to please these people so marriage, the family can be the most wonderful and the most beautiful thing that God can give a man and a woman but as long as it is according to what He has stipulated already. Well,the family is a genre of person formed by a couple. In this case, we can see it from a theological biblical point of view a man and a woman united by legal or religious ties and coexist and have projects and practices in common implies legal terms, religious, moral, emotional and in a family, rights and obligations are held. A marriage is a social institution that establishes a conjugal bond between two people also consolidated through moral, religious, legal, practices and emotional rights and obligations also and based on a biblical theological point of view. I agree with my companions, the word of God says that God created both male and female and that the man will leave his father and his mother to join his wife and thus they will be both one flesh. So now that we finished talking about marriage,and we know that it's one of the things that God tells us in marriage is to reproduce. That's one of the main causes for that. A lot of people do ask.. How can you be pro-life,if you are against birth control? And birth control is one issues that is very controversial as well. Especially in a Christian point of view, so my question would be. What about contraception methods or contraception prevention methods (birth control)? Are we not killing the fetus, when birth control is taken? What are your opinions on that ? So it depends on the birth control.There are different types of birth controls as we stated earlier, that life for us in our opinions, begins with the conception. Contraceptive methods, prevent the sperm from uniting with the egg, so conception does not occur. So,birth control is not killing a fetus, it is preventing the formation of a fetus. Of course, it depends on the birth control, because there are some like the morning after pill that in that case conception has already happened. It kills that,so as far as the morality behind birth control, so yes I am pro- life, definitely. God is a God of order. God is a God also of ethics.He has purpose for our lives. I also believe that God gave the science, and the intelligence, and reasoning so that we know the limits of ourselves. So we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives if no contraception was used, as women we would just spend our lives pregnant. It takes away from what God wants in our lives and I believe that part of God's plan for us and part of God's design for us is to be rational human beings. Not just be mothers but also there are other purposes for our lives. Well I will talk about a different point of view.I will talk about the point of view as a man. There is a time when women cannot have more than a certain amount of children because it puts their health at risk. For example, another point of view, as my sister Kathy said, we know our limit. We know that as long as there is no conception there is no fetus, so long as there is no fetus, there is no life, there is no soul . And, I think as men we should respect our women in knowing which is the limit of it. And, as she also stated,we should know our own capacity.What are our limits? What is our economy? And there are many things that are in play but we definitely do not believe that we kill a fetus, obviously when there is not one. I agree with my partners. In order to kill a fetus, the moment of conception should have occurred. That is what contraceptive methods are, in this case, for example, condoms, kills sperm, contraceptive pills, changes the woman's regular cycle so that conception does not occur. But, I agree with my partner Katy, that the next day's pill ,can be a form of abortion because the person will never know that it aborted a baby or a fetus. They will never get to know if it became a fetus because conception may have already happened, so in the case of the next day’s pill, I do not agree because if it could cause the death to the fetus. And, now to conclude this interview. I would like to ask each and every one of you. What are your thoughts about the future when we are able to know so much more about a fetus or about a person before they get here . What are your thoughts about us doing things to change things such as gene manipulation or gene editing? We kind of want this person, or this person to like this way a certain way.What are y'all thoughts on that? So genetic engineering is something that's really coming up. It's kind of scary all the things that are happening with that. How they are duplicating, they are cloning, they have been able to clone animals. So, the next step is to clone human beings. They have been looking at modifying genes, so that for instance a person who has diabetes in their genes,they can take that out, and manipulate that. There is so much that is happening I think we are getting to the thing I was talking about earlier, about playing God, and taking away from the design of God for us as humans. And, every time we try to play God, is an area of danger that we are getting ourselves into. And, I notice that when the sheep that was cloned, and something happened to it and it died like very quickly. So you never know what is going to happen. It's a dangerous territory. Not only in the sense that it's trying to play God. In a sense that we don't know what we are doing to ourselves. We don't know what we are doing to humanity as a whole. In trying to fix our genes and trying to engineer our genes. Say, well I want my baby to come out with blue eyes and blonde hair, even though I am Hispanic. Every time you get into those areas you won't know what is going to happen to that person . There is a double danger of playing God and another danger of manipulating us in such a sense that we put humanity it self in danger. Well, I think that as parents, at the end of the day every parent wants the best for their children. No parent wants a defect and if you are given the option to manipulate that as a parent I think we would say.. Wow, that's fine! But as Kathy said, we would enter a very dangerous area. I think we would start playing the role of God and we as Christians always believe in the perfect will of God. We are always receptive to what He has for us and we know that God will never give us a burden that we can not carry so in my part, I would not do it. I would not agree with this practice in my opinion. Well, I do not agree with the genetic manipulation of any form. I believe that from the theological biblical point of view God is sovereign and manipulating genetics would be like altering what God by nature has established. And, throughout history is evident and has been shown over and over again that altering nature brings dire consequences and altering the climate brings dire consequences, altering the oceans brings dire consequences. Many species have disappeared and we do not have to think that if we alter the nature of the human being it will be different if we alter it and it will be the same outcome as with everything else. It will bring dire consequences. Maybe we will do it to save lives, but the longer we extend - the world has a natural order and the more we continue extending life and extending life and extending life outside of that natural order the world is going to continue to populate, nature is going to continue to alter, and the results are not going to be good. Another thing is what kind of ethics are we using to determine what kind of people we want in our life? What kind of spiritual moral ethics are we using when we decide I want a blue-eyed not a green-eyed child? I want my son to have so much IQ intelligence because I do not want my son to be an average child. What kind of ethics are we using? What is our motivation for us to always want to have something better? Those are things that we have to think about and consider and how that would affect ethics, morality, religion and how it would affect the way we see ourselves as human. Just one thing about genetic engineering and modification and all that. This is not anything new. The idea of this is the perfect human, comes from the past. If you think about it Hitler had that same idea. He believed that the perfect human was blonde hair, blue -eyed, white this tight, this.. He had the idea of the perfect human. So what did he do? He started eliminating anybody else to purify the race. So the only people that were left , were those people.That’s when the Holocaust. We are not talking about just Jews, we are talking about people that were mentally retarded, people that were terminally ill,people that were cancerous, people that were homosexual. All these people that did not fit the perfect category, he had eliminated because, we want to purify the gene pool. And that's the same thing that genetic testing or genetic engineering would be doing. It would be like okay this is what we think humanity should look like. And, any time that we do that again,there will be consequences, and they are not going to be pleasant. Wow these were very great answers! I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to do this interview with me. I did learn a lot from this project,and I really appreciate all the answers you gave because it did help me analyze more in depth each opinion out there, and see different viewpoints and know that in my church and in my spiritual life, there is people that also think very similar to me, and I enjoyed that, seeing that today. This will conclude this interview for my Unborn Life. I love you professor, give me an A!! Thank you.

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