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Magmatic rocks

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Due to the enormous heat coming from the inside of the Earth on ocassions some rocks in the mantle melt beneath the Earth's crust These melted masses of rocks which we call magmas tend to rise up through the crust, there they cool down and their minerals became solid again. The mineral agregates that have been newly formed are called magmatic rocks, which can be of two types, volcanic or plutonic. These rocks form when the magma rises up through the crust in the crust and emerges surface through volcanos the emergence of magma throghout volcanos is called the volcanic eruption In an eruption, the magma which has been under pressure stirs up and the gases it contains are violentely injected into the atmosphere the magma without gases which is now called lava shoots up like the liquid in a bottle of fizzy drink which has been shaken and then quickly opened. While it is melted the lava flows down the slopes of the terrain but down the surface it rapidly cools down and the minerals it contains return to their solid state this time however because they became solid so fast they form very small cristals In this way very fine grain rocks are formed such as basalt Volcanic rocks form very characteristic landscapes whith lava fields and volcanic cones like the ones you can see in these images Sometimes, a pocket of magma rises up through the crust but does not reach the surface instead it very slowly solidifies below the crust and forms an enormous massive rock this gives rise to granite, for exemple whose minerals are large cristals because they have had time to grow There, they are formed inside the crust, the masses of granite and other similar rocks emerge to the surface this happens when after millions of years erosion waves away the rocks that covered them Once they are exposed, the ice, rain and wind fragment them and run them off and they form rocky landscapes like these.

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This video talks about the formation of magmatic rocks

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