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Peppa Pig- Spring

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I'm Peppa Pig,

this is my little brother George,

this is Mummy Pig,

and this is Daddy Pig. It is springtime, Grandpa Pig has made a chocolate egg hunt

Is everybody ready? No, Grandpa. Freddie Fox isn't here. Hello, everyone!

Hello, Freddie!

Ah, hello Mr. Fox. Are you staying? I wish I could, I loved egg hunts when I was a little lad. See you later, Freddie.

Now, are we ready for the egg hunt? Yeees, grandpa Pig!

There are lots of chocolate eggs hidden in my garden. You must find them. Easy! But be careful not to step on my little plants... oh, it's so exciting in springtime to see these baby plants starting to grow!

We promise to be careful, grandpa. Very good.

Grandpa Pig's chocolate egg hunt has begun.

Have you got time for a cup of tea, Grandpa pig? Oh, yes.

It will take them ages to find my eggs.

I've hidden them very well.

Here's an egg! Peppa has found a chocolate egg in a plant pot.

Here's another egg! Rebecca Rabbit has found a chocolate egg hiding under a leafy bush.

Hooray! An egg for me! Emily Elephant has found a chocolate egg in the branches of a tree.

I think I can smell chocolate. Freddie Fox has a very good sense of smell. Yeees!

Freddie Fox has found a chocolate egg in the middle of the bird bath.

Grandpa, Grandpa, we found the chocolate eggs.

It was really fun. I'd say it was a bit easy.

It wasn't easy for the little ones...

George, Richard and Edmund haven't found any eggs. I wonder where the other eggs are... Chocki egg!

Ah, Edmund, I think there's something behind your ear...

Everyone has found a chocolate egg.

What shall we do now, Grandpa Pig? Ah, you eat them, of course!

Hello, children,

Granny, Granny, we found all the chocolate eggs!

Well, where are they? I can't see any eggs...

they're in our tummies! ...and round your mouths!

Did Grandpa hide the eggs well? No, we big ones found them easily! But the little ones needed helping. George, Richard and Edmund don't like to be the littlest ones.

Don't worry, there soon' ll be even littler ones in the garden.

Oh, yes. The little babies..It's so exciting!

Grandpa already told us about the baby plants, Granny, but it's not that exciting.

I'm not talking about baby plants, Peppa, Oh? What are you talking about? Let's go and see Jemima, Vanessa, Sarah and Neville.

They're chickens! Yes, and they have eggs too. Can we eat them? No, Freddie, these eggs are about to hatch.

Oh, we're just in time!

The baby chicks are hatching. Oh, baby chicks!

Now the chicks are hatched it really is springtime.

Let's pretend to be baby chicks. I'm a little chick singing chick, chick, chick, I like to pick up food with my beak, beak, beak, I've fluffy yellow hair and straw for my bed, And I jump up and down, singing chick, chick, chick.

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Posted by: totleigh on Dec 1, 2012

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