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Enlightenment and Mind Control. Sadhguru

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what have you got within you that I can steal? I was thinking of mind control so will I control your mind and do something to you? Oh if I wish to do that, I don�t need any mantra to do that I can simply do it you don't even have to sit in front of me You be in any part of the world, I can do it But that�s not the area of life we are exploring here that�s the least of my interest Controlling your mind, what do I get? it's quite a mess if it's controlled, it'll be good But you should control it, isn't it? why will I control it for you? (questioner) Another volunteer, more money and (mockingly) one more volunteer, more money It�s a good idea, I'm just thinking... I never thought about it till now.. I never even thought in that direction, it�s a good idea so Yes it�s a relevant question why not? why can't we control people and make them do what we want see there�s a whole science called occult science Once you use occult powers to manipulate other people�s life the way you want it whether it's for good or bad Once you start doing it then you start sinking in a certain way people, anybody who knows the spiritual dimensions of life will never do that, either for good or bad even if it's for good you don�t manipulate, you employ normal methods to see, if I want to employ that I want you to know this, I can easily do this I don�t have to sit here and talk to you for seven days like this My throat's breaking up I'm still talking I don't have to do all this talking I can just fix you and make you meditate without a single instruction That time you will sit for meditation, I can do that to you I am doing all this talking because such methods will never be employed there's no point. Unless somebody is in real danger you may interfere with their life sometimes, very very rare Otherwise, even that I let it happen even that I would rather use a telephone and tell them something that also, I will not speak to them directly. I will try to put some sense into them some indirect way. If they have sense they will take it, if they don�t have they will go through the natural process of life Such interference will not be done either for good or for bad for money, definitely not and anyway, I don�t have any money Everything, daily food, somebody has to give me

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about misusing one's abilities for mind control. Sadhguru explains that occult sciences, if used to manipulate another for good or bad, one can start sinking in a certain way. (AO78)

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