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Organize Your Donor Data with Telosa

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Thank you all for joining us this morning for Organize Your Data with Telosa. First I'd like to introduce you to our presenters. We have, joining us this morning, Ann Troussieux (AT), she joined Telosa in 1991. She currently serves as Vice-president of national sales and manages Telosa's major account relationships. She's held a variety of leadership roles within Telosa, including sales, marketing, customer support and steno sales. We also have joining us Andy Menetee (AM), who is an account executive specifically working with Exceed! Basics, the product that we're going to be talking about today. He spent the last five years working with non-profits, selling, implementing and supporting fundraising software. Our other presenter today is Kelly Joos (KJ). She is the director of development at the Valley Animal Center, a ... center for dogs and cats in Fresno, CA. Before coming to the Valley Animal Center, Kelly served as the annual giving associate for Community Hospital of the Monterrey Peninsula for seven years. She's been using donor management software throughout her career and has been using Exceed! for the past three years. And again, I'm Becky Wiegand, staff writer here at Tech Soup. I help manage our webinars and manage our blog and write articles and content to help you hopefully make the best decisions about what technology will work for your organization's needs. Again answering Chat questions we have Kami Griffiths (KG). from Tech Soup and Chris Pelosa(CP), who will be helping answer any specific product questions. So just to get us started with the agenda, we are going to go over the broader features of Exceed! Basic; how it has helped one non-profit as our example today, and then we are going to dig a little bit deeper into the specific features, showing you a little demo of how it works; and then going over a little bit more in detail Kelly's experience working with it at the Valley Animal Center. And we'll talk about some resources and comparison articles that you can look through to help make a decision on the best donor management software for your organization. We'll handle Q&A at the end, but if you have questions throughout feel free to ask them; we'll have Kami collecting those on the back end so that we can make sure to get those to the presenters. So I'd like to hand it off to Ann, just to start talking a little bit about what is Exceed! Basic; what is Telosa? (AT) Great, thanks for that introduction; and we'll go ahead and get started with Telosa background. This is Ann speaking; and just to give you a little bit of background on the company behind the program. Telosa is the name of the company and we are based in Palo Alto, CA. Exceed! Basic is the name of the program that we are going to go over today. The company has been around since 1986. So we've got quite a few years of experience working with non-profits, and that's all we work with, so we work with non-profits exclusively. Susan Orr is the founder and CEO. Some of you may be familiar with Susan. She has been involved with non-profits most of her adult life, and she has a background in computer programming. So, having one of our chief programmers have the experience she does with non-profits, what we find really comes through in the software. We get a lot of comments from people that it looks like a friendly guru designed this program. What we are going to focus on today is Exceed! Basic, which is an entry level program for small non-profits, but we also have another program called Exceed! Premier, which is designed for mid-to large non-profits. (BW) Great. Can you talk a little bit about some of the features in Exceed! Basic? (AT) Sure. Exceed! Basic was designed so that small non-profits can move away from doing something in Excel or possibly something off the computer completely or in access and get into donor management software. The idea was to design a program that was intuitive, easy to use, affordable, and so that's what our goal was with Exceed! Basic. What you are going to find is contact management; so everything from donors, prospects, clients, volunteers, foundations, corporations, you are going to be able to manage all that within Basic. You are going to be able to track contributions, pledges, gifts, dues; do all your mailings, whether it's acknowledgment mailings, thank you letters, receipts, certifications. You are going to be able to export directly into Excel, Microsoft Word. You are going to be able to e-mail directly from the program, using Outlook. You are also going to be able to have contacts in Exceed! that you may also want in your Outlook, and you can push those over to Outlook. with all their contact information. The same thing for appointments. There are reports in the program, so you are able to go in at the end of the year and ask who do I have that's given me this amount of money over the last three years, or who do I have that are first time donors this year? So there are lots of different reports that you can pull out of Exceed! Basic. We've just added Drill Down Reporting, so those of you who are familiar with Quick Books in drill down reporting, you are going to see some of that in Exceed! now. So if you are pulling a statistic report that is showing you how many people go to an event and you want to see who those people are, this will allow you to drill down within the report. Recently we've added an interface to vertical response. And this has been very popular with the non-profits that are using the program. Vertical response will handle your e-mail marketing, so if you are familiar with constant contact this is a competitor with them. But the beautiful thing about vertical response is they will allow non-profits up to 10,000 e-mails a month for free. And what's nice about this interface is that once you've pulled the names out to do an e-mail to vertical response, if you have people who are unsubscribed or invalid addresses, that will come back into Exceed! and update the e-mail addresses. So you have everything consistent with what's in vertical response. There is an importer and exporter. So the idea is if you have data in Excel you will be able to import that data in--we also now have an advanced importer that will import even more information. And then there is an exporter so you can always export your data into Excel if you want to manipulate it that way. There is membership management in there, so if you are a membership-based organization, and you have dues payments, you want to send reminders out and track membership, you can do that as well. And there is an accounting interface with Quick Books. The idea is that you don't have to do data entry into two programs; you do it once into Basic and then you are able to move that data over and deposit it into Quick Books without having to redo the data entry. So that is something you are able to set up and that's complimentary with Basic as well. (BW) That's great. Can you talk a little bit about how it's been used? (AT) Sure. Exceed! Basic has been used by so many different types of non-profits. I'm thinking of thousands of non-profits using it and they range from human service to environment to small schools, you name it. Why Exceed! Basic is such a good fit for so many non-profits out there is that it's an entry level program that is supported by a company with over twenty years' experience working with non-profits. So this is not an inexpensive product that has been put out in the market by people that don't know the market at all. The other thing is that it is extremely affordable. So at $499 or at the promotion that Tech Soup runs, even less than that, you can't afford not to take this leap into donor software. So that's one of the nice things about it. The last thing is there is an upgrade pass. So, if for any reason you outgrow Basic! You need functionality that you don't have in Basic!, that functionality could very well be in our Premier product. And if you need to move from Basic! to Premier, you get whatever you paid for Basic! at the price of Premier and we will convert all your data for free from Basic! to Premier. So that's a big difference from going into an entry level program where there is no upgrade pass. It's nice to know going into Basic! that if you ever outgrow it there is a way to move on to a more advanced product. (BW) That's really good to know. And I should point out that the discounted product is available through Tech Soup to non-profits and public libraries that are registered within the Institute of Museum and Library Services database, the IMLS database. So if you are either of those you would qualify for our discounted products, which I'll talk about in a moment. Before we get to that however I'd love to introduce Kelly Joos (KJ) so she can talk a little bit about the broader strokes of how Exceed! Basic has helped her organization manage their donors. (KJ) Well, good morning. I, actually, as Becky was saying, I came from a large non-profit hospital where we had a donor database that we, actually, a lot of educational foundations used it. And when I came to the Valley Animal Center we were actually using Excel. And what happened, like Ann was talking about, is that when you are using Excel or other forms, you are just basically trying to manage your donors by yourself without using a donor management program. A lot of information gets lost. We were incorporated in 1992 and as many of you know, when using Excel, you can have only so many columns, so each year we would have to delete a column; and so when I came on three years ago, I only had donor information since about 1997. So definitely something needed to be done.

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Are you tracking your data through multiple spreadsheets, emails and sheets of paper found throughout your office? You’re not alone. Learn about Telosa’s Exceed! Basic, a tool that can help you organize your data, especially that which is donor related. Not only will you learn how to get your data into one place, but we’ll discuss how you can use this tool to streamline and automate many of the routine, yet time-consuming tasks associated with fundraising and donor management.

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