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Antonio da fontoura POR

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It is very important the creation of this Latin American Society of Authors in such a symbolic place as Havana, who printed so much its mark in the history of Latin America. And I think, particularly, for the Latin Movement of Authors, the possibility of existence of this association, provokes a synergy among the institutions created and in process of creation in Latin America. Because every time that such a society moves forward, finds another moment, another conquest, this impact other associations. And it's also very important the exchange of experience, the exchange of situations that can be shared within the scope of the association. So, in these terms, it is fundamental the creation of the association that is being created now. The DBCA is facing a very special moment, cause 15, 20 days ago, we were finally authorized by the Ministry of Culture to become a SCMO, which is a collective management society. So, from this moment on, we are starting another step. I mean, we are already authorized. Now we have to empower us to really start to receive these rights on behalf of our associates. We are in a moment with over 300 associate directors, both film and television, and also animation and, certainly now, with our authorization, this number will grow even more and, for us, it is very important because I'm on the board as vice president since the creation of the association, almost 4 years ago, and many people never believed us and said, "They are dreamers, they won't be able to be authorized!". In Brazil we were trying for 50 years. In 68, we created an association of filmmakers that already had this purpose and never succeeded, never make it... So it's very important that we have achieved this victory. And this will spread and, with no doubt, in a short time, we will have full conditions operationally.

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Antonio da fontoura POR

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