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Welcome, Online Students!

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Hi there. I'm Michelle Pacansky-Brock. Thanks for taking some time to learn more about my online classes at Sierra College. I created this website in an effort to increase the success of your learning by providing you with some very important information about my classes before the semester begins. As you review this website, its important to understand that all instructors at Sierra College who teach online design their own classes. So the requirements and philosophy of each online class you take at Sierra will vary and the information on this site is specific to my classes. The page you are on now includes general information about the online classes I teach at Sierra. This page is important for all my online students but especially for those of you who are about to embark upon your very first online learning experience. I'm sure you have plenty of questions I'm hopeful that you're going to find plenty of answers here. You'll also find some great resources for success here and some additional information. Then, when you're ready, go ahead and click on the specific title of your class in the left hand toolbar and on the next page you'll be able to download a syllabus for your specific class. That syllabus is very important and includes lots of specific, pertinent information including the book info and exam dates so be sure you download that and read it thoroughly. I'm sure that the syllabus is going to answer most of the questions you have about your class. You're going to find, as you embark upon your journey with me that I really love teaching online and I work very, very hard to make your experience exciting and relevant. If you have any questions or comments you are always welcome to send me an email to [email protected] That's it! I'm really looking forward to having you as a student.

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Posted by: brocansky on Jul 29, 2008

This is an introductory video for my online students.

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