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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2009 CHILDREN'S MESSAGE ZION TORRANCE, CA Good Morning, Viv. Good Morning, Everybody! Good Morning, Pastor! How IS everybody today? Good. That's good, because today's a great big special day! Do you know what it is, Caleb? Caleb responds: A baptism. It was baptism day today. That's right! So in our .... Purple Bag we're going to have something that helps us celebrate. Who would like to look in the Purple Bag this morning? Let's let ... Jeff. (Children respond by raising hands.) Do you know what those are? Child responds: Candles. What KIND of candles? Should we put 'em on the altar? Are they altar candles? (Birthday.) Show 'em to everybody else and then we'll see if they can help us. Would we put those kind of candles on the altar? William? Why not? (William talking...) So what kind of candles are those? Those are BIRTHDAY candles. That's right! And, what do you do with birthday candles? You put ... where do you put the birthday candles? William. On the birthday cake. That's right. And when do you guys have birthday cake? When do you have birthday cake, when you put the candles on? Jenna. On your birthday. That's right! On the day that you were born. But today... we have birthday candles on because today, someone was RE-born. Today, Brendon was reborn. He came into this world a little while ago. But today, he became one of our brothers. Because by the power of God and the Word that's connected with the water, we made him one of our brothers today. He is now a child of God and just like we put birthday candles on a birthday cake, we can put rebirth candles on a rebirth cake. Because we could be happy and we should celebrate our baptism every day. Because that means that God loves us, He called us to be one of His own, we're His children and we celebrate that love every day. How do we celebrate being a child of God every day? What are some of the things we can do every day to celebrate that we're a child of God? Caleb. We can learn about God's Word. Anything else? Kayla. We can praise God. What's a good way to praise God? We could sing songs. That's right. Anything else that we can do for God every day. Brandon.... (Brandon responds... ) .... Singing. That's right. Brandon, you sound like Brendon ... You could be Christian twins maybe and it's almost your birthday. Think how special that would be. So we remind ourselves of the joy that we have because God has given us rebirth. That we're born again as His children. And that's what we celebrated today with Brendon. We're going to keep Brendon in our prayers so that he'll always be our brother, and he'll always remain faithful, and we'll spend eternity with him in heaven. Anybody have any questions? Nope. Then you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our hymn-of-the-day.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 38 seconds
Year: 2009
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Posted by: hischild on Dec 16, 2009

Pastor Dave encourages the children to remember the special day when they were born again and to celebrate that day they became a child of God at their baptism. Just as candles and cake on birthdays when remembering when we came into this world and also we can have candles and cake on baptismal birthdays!

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