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Don Peppers - Routine and non-routine customer experiences

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Routine and non-routine customer experiences There are routine Don Peppers and non-routine customer experiences Leading expert in Customer-Focused business strategies you have to consider. I've put this up on a two-dimensional graph with level of automation versus level of customer engagement. In the lower left-hand quadrant you have business as usual, it's very little friction, very little. You know, everything is automated basically, high level automation, the customer is not very involved in this. In the lower left-hand quadrant, you have the threats to cost efficiency, where customer is not too involved in this, but the truth is you have to do some manual work. And if you could automate that, you'd reduce your costs. Upper right-hand quadrant, here's the customer is very engaged, but it's also something that's predictable. It's a predictable lifecycle event. If you're a mobile phone carrier, the day your new customer gets his first invoice, he's probably going to call in and try to figure it out, or he's going to go online and try to figure... But you can anticipate that and therefore you can routinize. You can routinize your response, so you can plan for it. It's in the upper left-hand quadrant where you have unexpected problems as well as surprise and delight opportunities, okay? Here you need human beings, you need human employees, and you need your human employees to be engaged and enabled. Engaged and enabled. Yesterday, Dr. Aldrich called it committed. You need employees who are committed, engaged, okay? Employee Engagement is Highly Correlated Employee engagement is highly correlated with Customer Satisfaction with customer loyalty, by the way, okay? The more engaged your employees are, the more likely your customers are going to be loyal to you. And the cost of employee disengagement And the cost of disengagement, is often invisible... it's often invisible. At one retail companies contact center agents earn commissions by selling products on inbound phone calls, but most of their calls come in because parts of the company's website are dysfunctional. That's what one of the agents told me. He also said, "We will never tell our company about this website problem and don't you either." Because if they fix their problems, we won't get our commissions. That's what I call active employee disengagement.

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Don Peppers - Routine and non-routine customer experiences

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