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C7L1: Dinkum

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I love this game dinkum, I mean this is a great drill for tennis players. I like full court dinkum. I have seen other people play this game with a volley and they only play on half court. Well you are not going to get nearly the exersize that way and your not going to learn how to use the court and get great foot work. So lets use the whole court and no volleying, the ball has to hit the ground first before you make a play. This is not merely about bragging rights this is game for both players to get in shape and develop their touch. So no hitting down on the ball every ball you lift up on and make sure the other guy has a play on it. Look how his racket goes right out to the 45 and stops. You will notice Warren and Paul they are both getting there at their last step every time. We all know they could get there earlier but then you loose your natural instinct with the ball and your not really unfolding you are waiting for the ball. What you want to do is look at this he gets to every ball just in time. That was a fairly tough shot but this next one is much tougher and some how Warren just gets there just on time. See how Paul is stretching into the hit, you want that leverage. You want to be far away from the ball its not a matter of getting to the ball setting up and hitting. Its a matter of having the leverage the further the racket is away from Warren the less he has to do. You see that because he has leverage with his arm throughout his whole body and then all you have to do is stay true to the 45 degree angle. Look at that even though the ball is coming right to Paul he is moving the entire time. Once again Warren comes flying now this is not as difficult as the last one. Some how he gets there just in time, look how he is lined up with the 45. He makes sure he that he is not side ways on this hit. You know he is always having that relationship with the ball , with the 45 degree angle is imperative. Look here Paul see's the shot he tries for a little extra time he turns side ways, see that and he is side ways almost behind the ball and certainly not at the 45 degree angle. Because of that he doesn't have a play on this next ball, well Warrens got thirty years on Pablo. He has the advantage on that drill. Take a look at the two little girls playing. So the key is like I said this is not about just winning this is about really constructing long dinkum points. Where you can just move the player around little by little. Try and disguise your your shots, really nice angles but everything is hit with this nice arch. If one player gets in a little trouble like here the way to get out of it is bide a little time with a lobe. So use the lobe wisely and this really does work on your foot work and it really helps you learn to use the court and not to over run on any ball. This drill really plays out in a match I mean so often in match a touch shot or a great get combined with a touch shot is what determines that whole match its a game changer and it also gets the other player ready. They know you have good touch you are not going to try to hit through them or move them around or come to net you've got more weapons than that. Look at this just gets there in the nick of time and thats what you want. She is a little bent from the waist which I don't think would be her preference but she gets there just in the nick of time. Right at the 45 degree angle and has that nice touch floating on the over side. Looks like she may, no she made this one but for some reason the girls are fooling around here. They both you can see have played a lot of dinkum. They have some nice touch going on here. In the mens as well Djokovic and Federer they all use their touch so expertly especially when on a dead run like this look at this just in the nick of time. You know he could get there quicker, no need to because you use the run and that timing to catch it right at the end, to actually help you with the shot. You are unfolding into the 45 degree angle just at the right time. So set your players up and encourage them to do this drill and do it right because it will pay off in spades it really is a fantastic drill for players.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 21, 2014

When played the right way this is a quintessential on court kinesthetic learning equipment.

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