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(Title in English) Kalam started in 2004 But Sahar and Bishan started with two groups then One was Diksha which worked in red light areas Another was Sanlaap which worked in Central Home We carried out our 'writing out' workshop in these two places First: we were not interested... We used to come to Cetral Home to work with other girls The youths in Kalighat.. were a mixed group of boys and girls.. We took twenty 'righting out' sessions there Then to develop and improve our sessions We had some sessions with (established) writers to say... Went to a tour to Darjeeling for five days for a workshop We came back after doing the workshop (successfully) So this way some of our workshops went on. Then Kalam decided to publish an youth magazine. Which was named 'Openbox'. So we, the youths of Kalam.. Those who first took the 'writing out' workshops of Kalam Started with this Khola baksho (openbox) magazine Bina, please continue... When we started Khola baksho magazine We gradually started to work as youth staff After working as a youth staff for sometime.. Kalam thought that it needs an independent space Where these youth staffs can work independently And receive salary Have their own space So Kalam opened a new office Kalam was registered Now this is Kalam's new office We are Kalam's staff now..both of us.. Kalam now runs five projects 'Footpath Poetry', 'Creative writing Project' Another one..which runs every second Sunday There is a poetry gathering with several young poets.. To encourage those who are writing... Another one is 'Neighborhood Diaries', which we started as a pilot project Which started with a fresh group is now almost towards its end. We are trying to start the project again with a new group "Righting Out' is same The work with the old group has ended, Sessions with new a group.. will start And work of our 'Foothpath Poetry' project.. is going on.. We go to different tea stalls And the poems written by youths.. We laminate and hang them there Once a month.. we go there every month Another one is... That's it....

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Duration: 2 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Producer: David Sasaki
Director: David Sasaki
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Posted by: oso on Aug 13, 2008

Rohit and Bina talk about Kalam, a Kolkata-based NGO which outreaches to young writers in marginalized communities.

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