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Defecating is one of human’s most important basic needs. Every human needs to defecate. But have you ever thought of how a flush toilet works? Toilet invented by an English nobleman called Sir John Harrington in 1596. Before, urinate system is not like what we seen nowadays. Every places has its own kind, but mostly they use a place to sit made by wood or stone, with a big hole on top of it. And all the excrement thrown away directly to river, or placed in a big container and cleaned routinely. Toilets is rarely build inside our house before. They placed in public place. And flush toilet started to used widely around 20 century. As you can see, flush toilet seems simple, but it is very important in our live. Also with the sound effect that typical. So, how is Flush Toilet works? We use the flush mechanism after we urinate and defecate. When we push the flush button, have you ever think of how the water tank behind us works? First of all, water fills the tank to full state. After it reach the full state, the floating valve will stop the flowing water at the same time. Other than that, there is a pipe inside the tank that used to flow the exceeding water outside. The pipe keep the water to not flowing over the tank. So, when you push the flush button, the lower valve inside will pulled up and all the water inside the tank will flow down in around 3 sec, which consume approximately 7.6 litre of water. When the water reach the tank surface, the valve will closed. This swift flow of water caused siphon mechanism. What is siphon mechanism? Say, you have a U tube and fill it with water. Both sides will automatically equate the water height. Now, try to add one more curve on the other side. This is pretty much our toilet’s water tube looks like. When water added, the other side will try to equate it. But because of the new curve, the water pulled out, and water inside the bowl won’t filled anymore. This will happened when the siphon tube is full of water, and the bowl will sucked in a second. This phenomenon cause the unique sound of flush toilet. Back to water tank, because the water flows down, the float inside which made by low density material, will moving down as well. Because the float moving down, the upper valve will opened, and started to fill the water to the tank and toilet bowl again. As the water flows up, the float will moving up too, and closed the upper valve as if full, and the water won’t flowing again. Yay! Until now, we have done 1 cycle of how Flush Toilet works. So, this is how Flush Toilet works! Interesting, right? We never ever thought of how Flush Toilet exactly works. It seems very simple, but really important in our daily life. There are a lot of stuff we seen everyday, but we still don’t know how exactly those things works. So, walk with us, reveal those secrets. Best Regard, Suryakanta :)

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Posted by: suryakanta on Jan 13, 2016


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