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sally and layan

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-Sally: Hi Layan, how are you? -Layan: I am good, how about you? -Sally: I am good. In today’s interview I would like to ask you some questions about whether integrating technology within is being implemented within the courses in Jordan university From what you have told me before, I know now that you’re taking a blended learning course this semester can you tell me more about this course? And how is technology being employed inside this class? Firstly, I am studying marketing and the course I am taking this semester is called “Public Relations”. We take this course on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but we only attend the course on Sunday and Tuesday On Thursday we don't study the course And she uploads an assignment and the students will have to submit it by Saturday on Elearning. So the process happens through using the internet, right? So basically, she uploads the assignment on Elearning And you answer it, then send it to her Do you write out your answer on Microsoft word? On Elearning you will find a box or something you answer on it Or you can do it however you like or copy and paste it on Elearning and send it to her and the answers on your assignments is it from the internet or is there a certain book that should be used or should you make a research in advance As a rule and before our professor makes us do a research before each chapter, before she explains every chapter we do a research, and gather information From both the internet and the book Ah, right before she explains the chapter so basically she let the student do the online and the traditional methods, then she explains Now, the questions I would like to ask you next is do you think Jordan University’s professors generally and the professor’s of the business faculty specifically apply technology effectively within their courses? or on the contrary , you think that they do not really care about implementing it at all? Personally I feel that a lot of professors do not really care and encourage students to use technology and do their researches online exploring the web from what I see, they prefer the traditional methods. Moving on to the next question from your own perspective, do you believe that technology in University of Jordan can allow students to control, enhance and improve their learning skills? Yes, of course, because first of all, when you do your own research on a specific topic you get to read , brainstorm and gain more information. And technically this improves your skills in several fields and enhances creativity it excites you and motivates you to have the ability to read know and explore more adding to that , team work/group work can promote the collaboration between students allowing them to work harder hand in hand Makes you think better, to adjust critical thinking know how to deal with other people Finally it boosts the student’s productivity. that means that technology can excite the students to achieve more and more learn more, reconnoiter new, various and diverse websites, Exactly Because of course in order to accomplish a particular project or a presentation, the student will find it necessary to use presentation/ project tech tool that has effective and interesting effects and features. to add music and other things ofcourse you use certain websites for such things And now reaching to the last question for today’s interview can you list 2 to 3 effective websites, applications or tools that you used during your presentations or projects and what was your experience with each one of them? Honestly, I do not usually use a lot of applications or tools but for now I have tried the powerpoint For projects and presentations similarly I used another website called Prezi. what was your experience with Prezi? Frankly speaking, I found it much easier and much more interesting than powerpoint I find powerpoint lame It means that Prezi is more advanced it has more effects ? And our professor was the one who encouraged us to use it by telling us that huge, universal companies include Prezi within their projects and presentations So he's the one who told you about it Exactly so did you find it beneficial ? Yes honestly and will you use it again in your upcoming presentations? Yes more than powerpoint moreover, In a previous semester , I took a course called “New Product” we were asked to create an application that required us to bring a survey into existence, and that brought the opportunity into play To use survey monkey To create surveys and ask people about the application Yes, the application and easy to use and very helpful And frankly speaking I would choose to use it over again if I got the chance to So apparently.. you recognized how easy it was oh so it did not feel the need to search for instructions on how to use it, no not at all you knew how to use it all by yourself yes Another thing.. did your professor introduce the students in this course to such website yes our lecturer told us to use it Technically, professors in your faculty seem to care about letting in and including the technological methods in their courses? yes there is, but not all of them the majority of them, not everyone most of them encourage us to do so the others are not as encouraging as them Thank you layan you're welcome

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