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Wonder 7 is, to me, a business that excites everyone to try. One of reasons is that we all want to be healthy. We want to be rich. We also want to spend good time with friends. That's why I think visions of Wonder 7 are great ideas. I am sure that our CEO will be the best CEO in the world. He believes in people, believing in honesty and accepting our weakness. He started his business and pursued success... to positively impact on lives of children around the world. I liked him saying... "Do you trust me?" I knew that he would build a strong business. That's why I follow him. This business is for the 21st Century. In the last century, wealth was the keyword. People wanted to be rich and wealthy. But, not anymore. The travel business is different. It is through this business that people can travel and the world is united. I see a big opportunity in travel. Travel is a drama. A lot of people... have their own dramas. When we are sad... we travel and have a fun If we have a fun, we get more fun. Our business is not traditional. It's what people want. With good friends in their favorite destination, they can fully enjoy themselves. I think travel has a healing property It gives back power to people. Honestly, I am surprised. Jack's idea is... either nonsense or genius. Because an idea that attracts everyone... and action is totally different. He started business when no one saw an opportunity. That insight has made a great business chance. The timing is when there is a blue ocean. Though it is risky, I want to try things that... delights and excites people. This business will be a major subject for the 21st Century That's why I am doing this, because no one is doing this. I think he is a straightforward person. He has had a lot of experiences. Knowing him since the previous job, I'm surprised to see his achievement. That is why I can trust him and follow him in this business. #1 reason I am excited about this business is... that I can share it with people with fun. I also enjoy traveling with friends to places where I'e never been before and make many friends there.

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Posted by: yavaway on Nov 30, 2017

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