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Atom and Eve Class 4 - HD

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Zohar coming to America. Dr Seth Pancost, Benjamin Franklin, and Yale college president Ezra Stiles. Who is Dr Seth Pancost? He was professor of microscopic anatomy and physiology. According to Appleton's Encyclopedia of American Biography Dr Seth Pancost along with Major General Abner W. Doubleday of Gettysburg fame many people think out Abner Doubleday they also invented baseball along with Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the Light bulb, they were all members of the Theosophical Society. And Pancost served as its vice president. So, I would say not directly but indirectly in terms of a comparison the Theosophical Society was kind of like the mystical version of what the Royal Society was in London. The Royal Society was far more prestigious in terms of scientific authority, scientific excellence. The Theosophical Society had more of a, I hate the word but will use the word mystical spiritual, bent to it. Okay but the inventor of the Light bulb, the inventor of the phonograph, and I think motion picture camera Thomas Alva Edison was a member. So they weren't pursuit of science but seeing this is about 300 years after, the scientific revolution in the 1900s, they were more segregated towards the mystical spiritual. But still very prestigious and some very prestigious people belong to the Theosophical Society. Maybe many of you heard of Madame Blavatsky she was one of the leaders of the Theosophical Society. But Dr Seth Pancoast the very prominent person in America was the vice president. So why are we talking about him? Just to get again to see Kabbalah's influence on history because these people knew the secrets they were passed down generation of the generation. Dr. Seth Pancoast, Plato too was an earnest and most intelligent Kabbalist Newton was led to the discovery of these forces the law of attraction and repulsion by his studies of the Kabbalah. So you got Pancoast, Abner W Doubleday, you got Thomas Edison all studying the Zohar which was part of the Theosophical Society Madame Blavatsky brought the Zohar to that group. And you have all these Americans studying the Zohar and this they believed and they knew Newton, you know, got his his insights from the Zohar they understood, without saying the word Monolith, but they understood because we use it as a metaphor the Monolithic Effect of this Zohar that just by its presence. It would you know pour a Light into human consciousness and allow us to evolve and see things we never saw before, inspiring us to new discovery and new innovation. Dr Seth Pancoast acknowledges the profound influence that Kabbalah has had on the world. He wrote: "yet but few even of the modern mystical thinkers know enough of the wondrous Kabbalah to have the faintest conception of the vast debt the world of all ages has owed to that grand system of philosophy. So again you're hearing you know echoes of the Prisca Theologia right? The ancient primordial wisdom that Newton and Leibniz and the great thinkers and scientists and philosophers of the 16th and 17th scientific revolution in the Renaissance the way they all considered Kabbalah the same, the same impact upon the world. So now in America this great movement called the Theosophical Society with all these great figures included in that group they looked at Kabbalah as the wisdom of the ages and the impact and influence it had upon the world they're saying most people don't even know. Even the mystical thinkers do not know yet and really truly recognize. The role that Kabbalah played in the background. "Pythagoras was one of the most remarkable men of his day, not only was he learned in the ordinary sense beyond his time, but he was the Kabbalist of the highest order." So it was really amazing when I’m at NASA, they had no clue either obviously of Kabbalah's role upon the scientific revolution, upon America and what we're going to discover in this class, the connections to modern day science and specifically this class, to medical science so there was one scientist who came up to me at the end of the class and I'll play that clip in our next class, where he said to me: the Zohar, you know, just blew his mind. So Dr. Seth Pancoast, I just gave you a glimpse because we could do an hour class just on you know the Theosophical Society and the Zohar in America and just that period. Meet Ezra Stiles. He was the president of Yale college. Today Yale university. Styles engaged in science study with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Former president of the United States. "Using equipment donated to Yale by Benjamin Franklin Ezra Styles conducted the first electrical experiments." Everybody knows, I think everybody knows Benjamin Franklin Flew that kite discovered electricity when lightning struck his kite. Ezra Styles using equipment by from Benjamin Franklin, conducted the first electrical experiments. December 1769. The city of London. Benjamin Franklin was in London because America had not yet been founded. It was before uh this country was founded and he was representing the 13 Colonies in England. While he was in London Benjamin Franklin received the letter from Ezra Styles in America. Ezra Stiles was looking, this is his actual letter this is his actual handwriting from Ezra Styles, wanted to bring the Zohar into America, this is like now 1768, approximately oh I already said today. And he wrote that letter to Benjamin Franklin in London. And he asked Franklin hunt down that Zohar in Europe. Because you're already there we need to bring it to America . In 1772, 4 years before July 4th 1776, The Zohar arrived upon American shores. September 1781, Stiles gives the commencement address at Yale in Hebrew and Aramaic. He was blown away by the wisdom and teachings of the Zohar. Can you imagine today the president of Yale or Harvard or Oxford or Cambridge gives a commencement address in Hebrew and Aramaic from the Zohar? He wrote, Ezra Styles: "From my first accession to the Presidency I have obliged all the freshmen of Yale to study Hebrew." Now for those that don't know this, I should have well there's no time, but Hebrew was one of the language considered by the founders of this country of America to be the national language. Styles wanted to Zohar studied across this country. As part of the curriculum in all U.S. Colleges. Can you imagine if those Zohars reached all the U.S. colleges and they were obliged to study it? but it never happened. Now if you notice the same theme of spreading the Light of the ancient Israelites to the world remember Leibniz, Wilhelm Leibniz spoke of starting a new society, where they taught mechanics and calculus and the Zohar, as part of that society, right? Everyone has been who touches the Zohar who comes in contact with his wisdom, has this innate desire to now want to spread this wisdom. because that is the nature of Light. Light always expands Light is always spreading out. Have you ever tried to you know you want to go to sleep during the daytime you try and block out the Light of your house in your house from coming in? No matter how many curtains you put up it kept, you know, the Light select keeps you know creeping into every crack and crevice it's so hard because that's Light's nature. And so when people have that Light inside of them I’m sure you all feel it yourself, you want to share it you're motivated to circulate this wisdom to talk about it. So all of these great thinkers and physicists and scientists throughout history who came in contact with it, wanted to spread it. And there was always negative forces that prevented it from happening. And my friends this needs to really sink in, all that's really happening because time is an illusion, it's a replay of Mount Sinai. When the Light came and then the negative forces instigated the Israelites to give up on that Light from Moses and connect directly to what's called the Golden Calf. And that building of the Golden Calf that fall of consciousness of the Israelites is what severed our connection, cut it like a cord cutting it like a cable to that 99% reality where that Zohar radiance shines forever. We lost that Light and that's why everybody who comes in contact with it, wants to reestablish that connection. Subconsciously, consciously on every level. And then there's always negative forces that rise up to stop that Light from spreading. Now we cannot blame the negative forces, the people, I don't care how evil they are, from the Kabbalistic stand point; they have no power. The only power they have is the power we, as individuals the people we hand that power over to them every time we react and surrender to our egocentric impulses. Every time you react, you lose your temper, you get mad, you're worried, you're full of doubt, pessimism, anger, jealousy, envy, whatever that reaction is to the ego, if you're listening to the ego and you don't shut it down and stop it, and let the voice of your soul your true self shine forth, you get a moment of pleasure but then you hand over Light to the dark side. The dark side ignites reactions within us in order to eat, in order to be nourished. And then just like Light spreads, that's how the darkness spreads. The darkness uses the Light we hand over like fools, like idiots and then that darkness uses that Light to spread. And it uses that Light that we've given it to reward us. So if you do something negative, boom! You get a reward. That negative force called the opponent, called the adversary, called in Hebrew the Satan, in english it's called Satan. has negative connotations but religion. It's a force of consciousness not a devil. That force called Satan the adversary uses that Light to tempt us. To seduce us to give us momentary pleasure, immediate gratification and then a blackout curtain is hung up we're severed from the Light now the dark force has that Light, it expands and it uses that Light to tempt other people. Mmoment gratification. The hit you get from a line of cocaine, from alcohol, from cigarettes, from just, from cheating somebody, in victory over somebody and seeing them hurt. Doesn't matter what level on the spectrum of negativity and what degree of negativity we have, whether it's small medium or large. Those reactions send sparks of Light to the dark side. So Rav Berg always taught me, yes the establishment of the religion politics, you know, they are controlled by the darkness, but it's the power we handed over. So I've said it a million times: We didn't come to change the world, we're here to change ourselves. And that is how you change the world. Billy before you move on Alec from Panama If you leave the other slide it's gonna be on, sorry. Alec from Panama: yes, the previous. As you are addressing all of that, he said his english is not that good so if you allow me to, please summarize the question he has which I think again is really important and connects to what you're saying, Billy did God know we would fail to achieve immortality on Mount Sinai? and we were going to fail again in the time of the Holy Temples but then you have a very much more important question later on. Right now that we have science in Kabbalah being closer is this a sign of a new opportunity, we will be better prepared than in previous opportunities? This is the sum up of this question. It's a wonderful, wonderful question. Mount Sinai was an opening in the cosmos for our true free will. We had an opportunity. But what was really happening on Mount Sinai, I don't want to get too involved in it we cover it more detail in Underacting Jesus. But what really happened what was really going on is that the reason there was such na infusion of Light that we had immortality in paradise was because the Israelites were so negative, they over centuries they accumulated so much negativity, that we reach what is called the 49th gate of negativity. If you reach the 50th gate the universe the cosmos is Destroyed. So we were at the 49th gate of negativity. God had to intervene because the Satan had the world the Israelites in a chokehold in a death grip and we were going down. And we couldn't tap out. So the Light the Creator that divine energy had to intervene and use the 10 dimensions to open up all the gates full blast to release that death grip that chokehold that Satan had on the neck of the Israelites. boom! What that did? What revelation on Mount Sinai did? Moses holding the two Tablets with 10 Commandments, which really means 10 Utterances, which really means the 10 dimensions all the Light came in this is what the what Rav Berg taught me. it leveled the playing field. That was the true goal not to necessarily bring the Messiah, the world redemption forever, but to level the playing field release us from the death grip and now we had the opportunity now to use our free will and keep that immortality. And all we had to do was raise our consciousness and have certainty in the power of the Light and so I think I discussed this maybe I didn't, but it's on in the Unredacting Jesus. The Israelites just you know remember they saw if you know this the typical traditional Bible story they saw the parting of the Red Sea, they saw these miracles the ten plagues in Egypt. So they saw they left the slavery of that inner Satan, code name Egypt, through miracles. one miracle after another. And now on Sinai once the playing field was leveled, Now the opportunity to go up against Satan and go for a knockout blow they had a shot in an opportunity to give Satan the knockout blow. they just have to have certainty. Well, if you've ever seen someone, God forbid, or tragically sadly pass on a loved one are you going to say it's an illusion? Do we have the certainty think no they're still here? No. The pain is too great we're not evolved yet to see that illusion. Because if we could see that illusion they wouldn't die. We so it's a paradox. We'd be in a new reality where death no longer exists. So it's almost an impossible feat. But that's what we've got to get to. The Israelites saw Moses dead. Satan conjured up a vision as real as you see me now. And so when they saw Moses dead they forgot about the miracles. They just have to have certainty. No, he's not dead, that's not Moses being taken to heaven by the angels because that's what they saw. They had to just demonstrate certainty and it was a a miraculous level of certainty but if you want the miracle of immortality that's where you got to get to. And so they failed. So it really wasn't the Golden Calf that was the sin. The falling of the tablets that shattered and severed our connection to the source of all Light is because of the fall of the consciousness of the Israelites. So did God know? Yes, God knew. But did we have the free will to change it? Absolutely. Did God know we were going to fail? During the time of the second Temple the time of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, Jesus Yeshua ben Yosef, Did God know we were going to fail? Yes. But we also had the opportunity to achieve a second revelation. So and the reason God knows I don't want to go there now but the reason God knows because if you say if God knew that we're going to fail then means we don't have free will. No. God knew because God's above time. Not because we don't have free will in those moments. We don't always have free will but in those moments we do. God knew because God's above time. It had no effect on what we were going to choose He just saw from above time that we were going to fail that moment. and then there's the idea of parallel universes. Okay does that answer your question? The second one is I think it's important now that we have science in Kabbalah merging or being closer are we more prepared than before to fight forward? Absolutely, we're more prepared in fact the reason Kabbalah and science are coming together the reason why the universe finally allowed this course to come out is because we're there. And if we can spread this to enough people and reach a critical mass which we're going to discuss when we do our Zohar task force, which I’m going to announce hopefully any day now it's been swamped, to bring in some a group of elite warriors, who want to go to war with me to bring this wisdom to the world, to overcome that Light the goal is to do the outreach to bring this to as many people as possible in the scientific community, in the Christian community. Because those are the two areas the kabbalists say you must unite Kabbalah in science to bring the Messiah, and you must reveal the true secret behind the concept of the son of God. When Moses two concepts are out there, that's redemption. That's the end of death, pain, suffering, and our tears. Okay, let's continue. So Zakuto via Columbus he wanted to find the seven continents to spread to Zohar, right? Abraham Zakuto navigational consultant to uh Columbus, Zakuto had the Zohar, knew the world was round, knew there were seven continents because it said at the Zohar. Going back to class one Isaac Newton studied Kabbalah, studied the Zohar and he thought I'd have himself as the saviour of the world who would decode the laws not just of nature, but equally important to Newton to code the laws the secrets of the Bible. So he wanted to bring redemption. Leibniz wanted to build a new society that taught the Zohar, mechanics and calculus. Menasha ben Israel studied Zohar and wanted to find the 10 lost tribes, because that was a requirement to redeem the Israelites and the world. Paracelsus John Dee, Mercury, Van Helmont, Leibniz and others looked at Kabbalah as the universal wisdom. The Prisca Theologia that would harmonize all religions. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and ignite global peace. And when I say Judaism Christianity Islam it also includes, because they're part of those three metaphysically, Hinduism Buddhism etc. And now have Ezra Styles who wanted students across America to start learning new Zohar. But it didn't happen. Instead the Zohar was buried in the U.S. Library of Congress where it sat for centuries in terms of the public. Here's a picture of the original Zohar in the Library of Congress. That is the Title page. So there are some historic cosmic dates in history. When I say historic cosmic dates I mean there's opening in the cosmos. So I want to explore two specific dates and we'll show the reverence to the United States. Because the secret wisdom also has the secrets of these cosmic windows. One date is known in the Hebrew calendar as the 17th of Tammuz. What happened on the 17th of Tammuz? Moses shattered the Tablets and the building of the Golden Calf. Which is coming up in a few weeks. you know in the Torah reading, if you follow the calendar. So the day of the Golden Calf and Moses coming down and shattering those tablets happened on the 17th of Tammuz. So it's a day of darkness. The Temple wall was breached by the Babylonians on the 17th day of Tammuz. The second Temple the walls were breached by the roman empire 500 years later on the 17th of Tammuz. There's more things we can't go into them all. By the way just in two in 2016, you know five years ago, archaeologists locate site where the romans breached Jerusalem's walls two thousand years ago. Saddam Hussein believed he was the Reincarnation of the Babylonian king who destroyed and breached those walls on the 17th of Tammuz king Nebuchadnezzar. In fact he issued a coin I think it was 1984, late 80s. He issued a coin celebrating ancient Babylon with his face and king Nebuchadnezzar's face on the coin. I've been trying to get one of those coins from somebody in Iraq for the last three four months we haven't tracked it down yet. I want to get one. So king Nebuchadnezzar was the king of on he's the one who was bent on destroying the Israelites and wiping them from the face of the planet. and he breached those walls in the 17th of Tammuz. Saddam Hussein was convinced he was the Reincarnation. And Kabbalistically he was. Saddam wanted to finish off the job that Nebuchadnezzar started. He built a nuclear facility and had a secret project. This is the nuclear center via satellite. The Israelites knowing he was really building a nuclear bomb not just trying to develop nuclear energy, launched an operation that they called operation Babylon. The real name publicly was operation Opera but they had a secret code name called operation Babylon. So you can google it you'll see, it'll you know this is really strike that happened in the 80s I believe, it's known by both code names. On the left are the Israelites in the middle of that middle picture is the destroyed reactor, nuclear reactor, that's Hussein was building and there's a satellite picture of all the damage that was done. On the far right. This is a close-up closer picture of where the of the entire facility where the nuclear project was being launched, where it was launched. but the name that Hussein picked for this nuclear project: Tammuz 17. And he named two reactors Tammuz 1 and Tammuz 2. The United States was founded July 4th 1776. The Hebrew calendar date the 17th of Tammuz. So that's the connection to United States. This country was founded on the 17th of Tammuz. Interestingly this country waged war on Saddam Hussein and took them out. You might say you know some people said I don't want to get into politics and I’m not getting into politics, but some people say you know why did they launch this war against Saddam Hussein when he had nothing to do with 911? But how do we not know maybe this was karmic retribution playing out on a different level different scale. I’m just putting out different consideration, I’m saying there's many things, many things that happen on a metaphysical scale and our leaders are just pawns on a chessboard either controlled by the Light or they're controlled by the Satan. And if our leaders are controlled by the Light, it means we the people have done enough transformational work in our lives. If our leaders are controlled by the dark side, it means we gave that power to the dark side to our actions. So it's never the leader's fault. We're always the cause. Now, for those who are Americans, The greatest day in the future will be in the 17th of Tammuz. From the darkest day comes the brightest Light. When we transform the darkest day becomes the brightest Light. There's a second day darker than 17th of Tammuz, known as the 9th of Av. This is the day the Temple was destroyed, both Temples. The Babylonians led by Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple 2500 years ago, Temple number one. And then it was rebuilt in the time of Jesus and they destroyed that Temple too, that's the Romans, destroying the second Temple both Temples destroyed on the 9th of Av. Now some other negative things that happened both Temples destroyed the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, the Nazis final solution was signed on the 9th of Av, Death Camp Treblinka opened and began killing people 9th of Av, the only arline passenger, airline crash 1955 9th of Av, The Argentine Jewish building in 1994 was bombed on the 9th of Av. These are just some examples of this day And amazing the man who discovered America, Columbus He was set to set sail on August 2nd 1492 the 9th of Av. So the country's founded in the 17th of Tammuz and Columbus is scheduled to set sail August 2nd 1492 the 9th of Av. The two darkest dates in history. But Columbus because he had the Zohar and and he was supported by Don Isaac Abravanel also a Kabbalist who financed them, and Abram Zakuto who was his navigational consultant, they had the Zohar they all knew. You can't leave on the August 2nd. So Columbus rounded up his crew they sat on their ships for 24 hours and they set sail August 3rd 1492. In the 10th of Av. That is historical fact. But it just shows you two you know a Kabbalistic window dates cosmic dates connected to this country. And the 9th of Av will be the day, is the day the Messiah is born. Why is the Messiah born the 9th of Av? Because from the darkest comes the brightest Light. A generation later after Ezra Styles, a whole generation later, the Zohar had time to circulate and was also, you know, passed down orally and the written book teaching you know, through many mystical groups. and one of those groups are the Freemasons. Here's a video I made a few years ago called 13 blocks. Nation's capital 13 blocks from the White House. there stands a monument the Albert Pike monument. Who was Albert Pike? He's been called the epitome of a true American leader. He was a civil war general, a prominent Washington DC lawyer, a journalist and a social reformer. Albert Pike was also grand commander of the Scottish rite Freemasons in America. Throughout American history Freemasons held the highest office in the land. George Washington, Andrew Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford. "Although I hold the highest civil honor in the world, I have always regarded my rank as grand master of the Masons the greatest honor that has ever come to me." President Harry Truman. "One of the things that attracted me so greatly to Masonry was that it really did live up to what we as a government are pledged to treating each man on his merits as a man." President Theodore Roosevelt Albert Pike achieved the highest rank of any Masonic dignitary in the United States. Pike was the most sought after dinner guest in Washington DC society. His close friends included Davy Crockett. His dearest friend an alleged romantic interest was the famous American sculptor Vinnie Reem. Abraham Lincoln greatly admired Rheem permitting her to work on two sculptures while he sat during lunch hours. She finished the second bust of Lincoln on the day he was assassinated. She was one of the last people to see him alive. Congress commissioned Vinnie Rheem to create the famous Lincoln statue upon his death. She also did a bust of her beloved friend Albert Pike. Pike city Oklahoma, was named after the general. So too was the Albert Pike highway which runs from hot springs Arkansas to Colorado Springs, Colorado. April 9th 1898 the United States congress authorized the placement of the Albert Pike monument in Washington DC to this very day Pike holds the distinction of being the only confederate general with a statue on federal property. But there is something rather unique about the monument honoring Albert Pike. The general is holding a book in his hand. It's called Morals and Dogma the book written by Pike. Is considered to be the Bible of the Scottish rite Freemasons. Only those men who obtained the highest degree in Masonry were awarded this secret book in Morals and Dogma General Pike revealed the mysterious origins of the Freemasons. And he revealed a tightly guarded secret concerning the source of all wisdom in all religions. What follows are the actual quotes found inside the book in the hand of brigadier general Albert Pike in a monument that stands in Washington DC 13 blocks from the white House. Masonry is a search after Light that search leads us directly back to the Kabbalah. All Masonic associations owe Kabbalah. Their secrets and their symbols. One is filled with admiration on penetrating into the sanctuary of the Kabbalah at seeing a doctrine. So logical, so simple, and at the same time so absolute. The Zohar the key of the holy books opens up all the depths and Lights. All of the obscurities of the ancient mythologies and of the sciences. All religions have issued from Kabbalah and returned to it. Regarding the true origins of Christianity Pike wrote: Paul studied Kabbalah at the feet of Gamiel the Rabbi. Here is the origin of the Trinity of the Father, the Mother or Holy Spirit and the Son. Christ himself recognized it as a truth that all scripture had an inner and outer meaning. On the hidden meaning of the rose The mystical meanings of the rose as a symbol are to be looked for in the Kabbalistic commentaries. On the mystery of revelation on Mount Sinai the primary tradition of the single revelation has been preserved under the name of the Kabbalah. On the origins of the wisdom of Pythagoras Pythagoras visited all the sanctuaries of the world, He went into Judea where he procured himself to be circumcised. that he might be admitted to the secrets of the Kabbalah, which the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel communicated to him. The purpose of the templars according to Pike was to acquire enough wealth and power to establish Kabbalah throughout the world. In the headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish rite in Washington DC there's a bronze bust of bBrigadier General Albert Pike. Above it is a quote from general Pike which conveys the essence of Kabbalistic teachings: "What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

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Atom and Eve Class 4 - HD

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