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karen berg belief vs Certainty

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You know the Rav used to say "Don't tell me that you believe in God" Because if you believe in God, it means that He may be there... You believe, you think so.. It might happen. He says "You must have Certainty" You must have certainty the same way you know that tomorrow morning the sun is going to come up. It could be raining, it could be snowing, but we know with certainty that the sun is there. That's the difference between what we call faith. Faith means to have... somebody gets ill and you have faith you have hope that he's going to get better, because you don't know if it's going to happen or not So that's faith based. Or, I believe if I act in this way or if I do these things then the result will be this or that. When I have a certainty, when I know and when, in the idea of putting on the phylacteries in the morning it says: [Hebrew] and I know God and it says: How do you know? How do you have a certainty of knowledge? about something that you can't touch or feel the answer is: by His creations by the things that we see that we understand by the idea of Light, by the idea of breathing how does this happen? how do one have an idea? So the difference between certainty, is the idea that we know that the sun is going to go down and the moon is going to come up, that's for sure. We understand that, but we don't have faith that the sun is going to come up We don't have hope that it's going to come up, it's for sure. It's a sure. It's a sure thing And people don't necessarily have that kind of certainty. Most people don't. 95% of people don't have that certainty. That everything that happens from this moment in my life, until the next moment in my life, however terrible it might be, this is the thing, that I have certainty that will help me grow in my life's pattern. For the better or for the worse. It's a difference. Faith is something else. I have... if I do this action of sharing I hope that it will come back to me I don't have a certainty that it will. That is the key difference between the two. And there will be more on this topic this evening. We'll have a whole lecture on it, so I hope by the end all of you will walk out certain of at least of one thing in their life. Thank you

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karen berg belief vs Certainty

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