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Interview Alessandra Masías (Ibai Llanos)2

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Ok, well I’m a normal guy from Bilbao who was dedicated in 2014 to comment videos or any type of online game I was working in the LVP that is the professional video game league. I’m currently a content creator on YouTube and Twitch along with my team that is G2 and this. When i was 19 years old I started working with the LVP as a 'caster' a caster is a storyteller And in 2015 when i was 20 years old I began to comment on the League of Legents Championship Leagues which is the top LOL competition in the USA and Canada And in 2019 present a program called "Hoy no se sale" until in 2020 I left the LVP to become a content creator for G2 until today. I don’t think I regret anything I have done in my career but no I woulnd’t be the person who I’m today. I don’t think I regret anything I have done in my career Well My parents have always supported me in all my decisions although at first it was difficult because it was the first time I left my home and my ??? affected because we are very close. When the people would stop me on the street and asked for pictures on the street and they recognized me and they knew who I am. and On twitter for example the people responded me and and I had thousands of retweets but even being recognized I knew that I had to stay on the ground and not be become to be crazy or become stupid In ten years i think that I think that in ten years I will have retired from the internet videos internet world so I don’t go crazy. I would also like to have a family in ten years I will be thirty five years old and I would like to have children while still young. I would a streamer making twitch live streams on Twitch I love talking with my fans and that they can interact with they and they with me Also I can do whatever I want from my home My parents have always supported me in all my decisions and I have two friends Ander y Reven are my lifelong friends we are known each other since we are 6 years old and they have never left me they have never left me alone Yes, a lot. Very interesting things are coming in 2021 we are going to live in a much bigger house with three person more for G2 and there will be many surprises is coming The coexistence is really good as I said before I have known Ander and Reven since we were 6 years old Although there are discussions we always try to resolve by talking and without disrespecting each other and good. Well, I think I think it's very important that you like that job you don't do it for money or fame do it for fun. and If you really like it and you want to work as a caster try it until the end and don't give up don't give up If I could do it why can't you do it? thank you, thank you bye

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Posted by: alessandramasiaschanca on Nov 18, 2020

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