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Dog Drummer

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Posted by: montgomerymovingco on Mar 24, 2019

Many people will experience moving in and out of a new place at least once in their lifetime. Everyone who has will agree that the
experience is never without complications and stress. What if there’s a way to lessen the negativity during the process? Great news
for dog lovers because there’s a mover who has a tag along furry buddy that will definitely brighten up the moving experience.
While you pack up and haul your things inside a truck to start a new life somewhere new the happy bark and yip of dog isn’t far
behind. Don’t get too excited yet though because you still have to be wary about the movers you hire. Here are telltale signs that
the movers you’re talking to might be duds:
100% Positive Reviews - No company is perfect and when you see perfect reviews the company might be covering something up.
Do extra research to make sure all reviews are legit before booking their services.
Not Upfront with Details - The mover with a cute dog is always upfront about bringing a furry buddy along for the job. This shows
honesty and transparency, great qualities for a mover.
Too Cheap Prices - Moving costs money and when you hire a company, you should expect to shell out more than a couple of dollars
for their services. Bogus movers will publish low prices and hit you with hidden fees after. Don’t fall for this scheme!
Hire only trusted movers for the job so you don’t get swindled out of your money. Go for companies who show that they care. And a
mover who brings his dog to almost every job means they care a lot. Why not hire them and get to have fun with a cute doggie in
the middle of packing and moving out? Be smart with your choice so you don’t add any more stress and worry during the move.

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