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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~19:38:32 - 19:52:23

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♪ because before I sleep I'm going to speak to the Lord ♪ Hey the equipment's in the other van of course Where's Pedrão? Let`s go Pedrão! Show, show, show, show, sh-sh-show show, show, show, show, sh-sh-show, sh-sh-show ♪ Get down, Get down to the floor, down to the floor ♪ - Of course man. You're the driver, you're in charge. stopping off at the park - how long will it take us? forty minutes - we`ll be there in forty minutes - I took thirty-five... -- thirty-five minutes - we`ll make it there by then man... Where`re you picking up the troll? Capelinha? I`m so tired! But we`ve been blessed today, haven`t we man, what a great day. Today we were blessed. the van driver`s doing something special with our van. The van driver`s going a little faster than normal. OK? -- Because he`s late. No, you`re going to take another route. If you were thinking that I`m going as far as Lagos..., I`m not going as far as Lagos, you see? Is anyone in this van listening to me? - one,, two van. it was amazing, everyone was sitting down man. There must be someone in this van listening to me... Let`s have a smoke, let's have a smoke, let`s get going. Hey, take a right here. The van driver has to keep behind us... ...because you're going to take some different roads. Ok? Going back to base, where Gorgel is over there. Oh man! The police are all inside... ...and the police are in front of us man... Ok, we`re not going to get lost. All right? ♪ Positive vibration, yeh ah ♪ ♪ Rasta man a good boy ♪ Because he saw someone get a beating...didn`t you bring it? -- it's difficult. Bring what up? The Sound system? The car`s stopped back there at the lights. They`re at the lights now. After these lights you`re going to carry on ahead so you can turn round... ...and take the road on the left. Did you get that? Correct. You just need to take the return road when you pass those lights... have to keep to the right. They`re going to see us now. Now. next set of lights...after the ones where you are now, this is the return road... ...but you have to turn right... ...not left, right Ah, there she is. -- Where? -- There. Ok, I`m going to stop at the next gas station on the right. I`m going to stop at the next gas station... ..on the right. Ok, I`ve stopped now. Hey crazy buddy!`s because the people... - Hey man... out with my cousin there! No man. Over there man, you have to understand this man, I didn`t get the ball. I said... ...sometimes it came to me and I was like, I`m going to get this ball... I laid into those guys with a real fury man. At least I didn`t get tired... I can see them already driver. Hang on there a minute. I'm the traitor from Capão. I can see them, can you wait here for just a minute. He`s waiting for the lights to change. Over there, the car. The van went past but the car didn`t. I can see the van and the car. -- And there`s a red car. The traitor, the traitor from Capão buddy. He`s taking a corner kick, going to head it and still defending brother, Maria...what's your position? Ah...yesterday`s game. Seven-one. What a game, goal by the crazy guy`s team man Hey man! Hey, I'm going to tell you something. Hey guys! Are you going to stay with the team or are you going to stop? -- he`s stopped, he`s stopped... ...some weed now. -- Has the team stopped? You`re having me on now. Hey guys! Hey guys! Just because the van is legal... Maria didn`t understand a word. Who`s going to get something to smoke? -- Seven - one. Doesn`t anyone here have any cigarette? The old woman charges for something hot, but you know it`s cold. Do you think they got it right? Tell him we haven`t managed to get anything. He didn`t manage it...not from where he is...I called. Pedro, tell them to send over Ayrton Senna. Tell them to send over Ayrton Senna. Are you going to stay here? -- I`m not playing on the team anymore. -- Hey Pedro! Isn`t it better that I stay here or Pedro stays here? Should I stay here with Pedro too? You can change places. -- Agreed. -- Where`re you going to stop buddy? Are you going to take Atlântica Avenue? -- Yes Atlântica. Tell them to take a left. Atlântica's the next on the left, isn't it? -- Robert Kennedy. I need you to let us... pass overtake you...we're four cars behind you. After these lights, we're going to turn right at the next set of lights. If you stay in front...turn...sorry turn left. Left, at the next set of lights after this one. I`ve got this space, Massão. I took your space. But the problem is the mid-field. Hey man stop, I think it`s the next one, you are too... ...over the top man. -- Actually we're going... play him for the first time. --- When we get to the weekend, get those ...idlers together, have a kick around... ....amongst the guys...boom! It`s not so cool man. -- They have Saint Charles there, it`s ...the next left, ok? -- This cigarette is far out. And they robbed the studio, took everything. Seems like I`m listening to this old guy. I talk, talk...I`m a man of my word Some days it`s seven - one, it`s normal man, for me it`s normal. Don`t you think it was intense that moment, running there... Even though they were losing. Ignore them. But if they`d been winning... would be better. --- That`s where you`re mistaken man. - No, I think you're wrong... ...arguing... -- you`ll cheat to win. -- Man. Buddy, I`m not Ronaldinho. I`m not a player, got me? No one here is a player. No one here is a player. No, you are a player. ...and I`m a player man. Ok, I`m not going to play then. You have to play to win. I`ve just passed Jessica`s car on the left. Ok, I`m going to do this buddy. Ok, I`m going to do this buddy. Catch me drift? I prefer to do this than just argue about it man. Man. Whether we win or lose man, I don`t want to... your enemy. So it`s over man. What do I have to say to you man? -- It`s over buddy. It`s over. No, it`s not over man. That's it. The crazy man`s team is me. I`m going to form a mafia, and that's it over...all right? He stopped, stopped. -- It`s over man. Eh eh eh. What are you going to get there man? This guy is... attacking everyone man. -- They're all attacking each other man, it's over. I`m not talking about the team man. Football creates arguments. That`s it, the crazy man's team has finished. Why did that happen? -- Because the guys don`t know... ...and are not psychologically prepared to play football. Know how to lose, know how to win. Hey driver. If the light`s red... ...don`t overtake please, ok. We`re Ok, everyone together? -- No, no, no. Whether I`ve taken it already? No, no. We are going to the end of Atlântica aren't we? Ok, just checking, we`re going to continue along this avenue... ...until we get to the end. So, if there`s anything... ...we`re ahead of you so we`ll wait for you at the end... but for the time being we are all together. ♪ I run again, I run again...♪ ... I run no way ♪-- to end of the avenue... so if one of us gets lost, we... will get there first....-- I dropped one into the palm of your hand... ...but you don't have it any more. This is the second 'strawberry' I've given you. I gave you one by New Skate Rock last year... ...gave you another one, you lost it. It was with Rafa at Nema's house. He was like, I'm kinda' part of the team but... ...even signed my autograph on him man. Do you think another one like that's going to appear? He didn't mention this. Kiko lost out, I don't know. I have a red a red one of those over there that I gave you. There's a red one and a blue one, so you choose. So there's the red one and the blue one.

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Duration: 13 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 16, 2008

Riding in a van with friends.

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