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Hi. [Giggle] You know, we here people talking about the blessing's of God. And the promise of God in our next, right? But I don't think we spend about what you do when Moment show up? Where you are rocked to your core, right? Hmm... There's come a point in your journey, where you have to conquer uncertainty. Because uncertainty will be the thing that shows up. [chuckles] When your situation doesn't look like what God said, uncertainty will be the thing that shows up. [chuckles] When your bills are due but your bank account is low, uncertainty will be thing that shows up. That causes you to find yourself in a cave instead of a cleft. What do you mean a cave or a cleft? The Bible says, "A moment happen in life is just like where Jezebel said, 'You know what, just like you kill the prophet [inaudible] I'm going to do the same thing to you.'" The Bible says that Elijah ran for his life and found himself under a junior vitrine and pray to God and said, "You know what God, I can't do this anymore" "I'm doing this by myself, I'm the only one." "Take my life" That's the wrong way to handle the Moment. What am I saying? I'm saying when life shows up, and situations happen, you don't have to find yourself in a cave. You can find yourself in the cleft of a rock. [clapping] The Bible says that Moses have a Moment as well. Moses has just spent time with God and when he comes down from the mountain; the Bible says, that thing that he was call to the people that he was called to are worshiping a golden calf. So, the Bible says that Moses goes back to God. And he says, "Listen, God..." "I know, know you're telling me I'm suppose to do this," "I know you call me to this," "But I need to know that you're with me." So the first way to uh... The first way... to conquer uncertainty when it shows up in your life is to make a decision, "I refuse to do this by myself." [laughing] [clapping] I refuse to do this without God. And after you make that decision, to save you-know-what, God has to be the one that does it. Huh, what happens next? The Bible says that God respond to Moses. And says you know what? "I am favoring you because you've come to me." "I'm going to allow my glory to pass..." "And hide you in between the cleft of the rock..." "So that you can see me in the forest." Right? [chuckles] What am I saying? After you make a decision, I'm trying to make this quick. After you make a decision that says, "You know what?" [chuckles] "I can't do this by myself" "[chuckles] What God has call me to is bigger than me." "[chuckles] What I'm facing right now, I need God to fix." "Because He called me to this." [chuckles] The way that you find... The place that you find refuge, the place that you run to is not a cave. It's the Glory. You have to be so heighten in the Glory. That you find yourself in the cleft of the rock. [Clap]So that when difficult Moment show up, [clap] when life shows up, [clap] you don't run to a cave, you run to the Glory. [Clapping] Oh, so I am challenging you to make a decision, to do... Don't...don't life without God. [laughing] Oh, God wants the best for you. And the part of his best, is you finding refuge. What is a refuge? The save place, to be protected, to be covered, you finding assurance where uncertainty leaves, because of the Glory of God. [Clap] Huh! I don't know about you but I wanna be heighten in the Glory. [chuckles] Before you stop, click stop, take a moment, hit subscribe. I love to be a part of your journey, and impart into you the truth that God reveal to me. I hope that bless you.

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