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Parallel universess

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You know that age-old debate about free will versus predetermination? Do we have the ability to change our destiny or this life unfold according to a pre-written plan? Well, Kabbalah settles the argument once and for all. Follow this carefully. One evening you decide to go to a multiplex cinema to catch a movie. You buy a ticket, spring for a bag of popcorn. Then you seat down and watch the film. You quickly realise it is a lousy picture, so you sneak into another movie. This movie is much better. Think about it. Your only free will in that situation was to choose which movie you wanted to experience. You had no control over the movie itself, the movie was already made. The beginning, middle and end of the story were already on the movie real. Well, guess what! Life is like a movie, and reality is a lot like a multiplex cinema. Different versions of your life are running simultaneously, right now. They exist in parallel universes. You do not have the free will or ability to author the movie that you are in, but you do have the ability and free will to switch movies, switch universes. Kabbalah teaches us how to choose a different universe. Each new universe features a progressively better movie of your life. So stop trying to change the world around you. You can't! But you can change your world by shifting to a new universe where you will encounter situations and events that are far more your liking A better government, a nicer version of your boss, fewer anxiety attacks, less chaos. It is a remarkable thing to see and experience. The people and events in your life beginning to change in a positive way. You create those changes by changing universes. You see, it begins and ends with you. Change on the outside begins from within. Take responsibility, seize it, cherish it. You have that power and control. You just did not know it until now. Most of us remain trapped in the same old stormy movie all of our lives. Not any longer.

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Posted by: yosef.farnoosh on Feb 16, 2016

Parallel universess

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