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Facebook controversy

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Facbebook does an about face the hugely popular social networking site has always had the right to users content within the sites terms of use But Facebook recently made a critical change. Caroline Macarthy of C-Net. What it had done, was that it had deleted a sentence that said that that license expired if you deleted your profile. So in affect it mean that Facebook kept a license on the content and on the content of your profile. Photos you uploaded, videos you uploaded notes you wrote anything on Facebook's domain, even if you deleted your Facebook profile and that freaked a lot of people out. The change was originally picked up by the consumerist blog and quickly led to a fierce user backlash So late Tuesday, founder Mark Zuckerburge posted this statement saying that because of the feedback they received Facebook has decided to return to their previous terms of use while they resolve the issues people have raised. preserving trust is a key for Facebook and as of now they have it among younger users according to research firm IDC 2/3 of users under 24 trust Facebook as an online brand However, trust for that Site declined among older users a problem because that is where Facebook is growing Older users are more conservative about information stored online, But Mcarthy warns users who worry about their Facebook privacy may be naive about the realities of privacy today. Privacy is a big deal on the web However I think it is less of a big deal in Facebook's case Than people make it out to be. Um, you think of how many other companies have access to your personal information, your E-mail provider, search engines photo sharing sites, Facebook is absolutely not the only culprit out there people would have to change a lot more than just delete their Facebook profiles if they were concerned about Privacy As for Facebook the site has now set up an official Feedback forum for it's members who it says now number more then 175 million Conway Gittons, Reuters, NewYork

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Posted by: jbcblank on May 27, 2011

Facebook reversed course, changing its new controversial terms of service back after a big backlash.


Facebook dio marcha atrás, cambiando sus términos de servicio de controvertida nuevamente después de un retroceso grande.

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