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Definitely Maybe (2008)

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[humming] Now that you are divorced, I think you should tell me the story of you and my mom. Come on, tell me how you met her. [sigh] Fine! I'm going to tell you the story, and I'm changing all of the names Good! and I'm not telling you who your mom is. I like it - it's like a love story mystery. I've had 3 girlfriends What's the story of his first love? They still haven't come up with one yet. [laughter] (narrator) Will Hayes has fallen in love 3 times... Let's call them... (girl) Emily! I love you William Hayes. (girl) April! You're the toilet paper guy. (girl) and Summer! I've never spent the whole day in bed with a really great guy. Me neither. (narrator)...and 3 times... Sorry. I'm letting you go. You're an idiot. (narrator)...he's blown it. Wow. I can't believe it either. [slurp] (narrator) But this year,... (girl) Did you know that 35 people jump off the Brookyn Bridge each year? Most because of broken hearts? I'll keep that in mind. (narrator)...the only girl who's never broken his heart... ... is determined to mend it. Why are you so concerned with all of this? Because I want you to be happy. Put your coat on. Taxi! Taxi! (narrator) The makers of About a boy, [tires squeal] and Bridget Jones' present the story... [from speaker] Hello? Hi. (narrator)...of an ordinary guy... What are you doing here? [sigh] (narrator)...who after 3 false starts... I called you. I lost your number. All that time? Yup! Liar! Dad! (narrator)...has one last chance... Will you... Will! (narrator) a happy ending. Marry me. [narr]...if he can just work out... Wow! (narrator)...with who. Yes Oh my god! Definitely! Maybe! (narrator) Definitely, Maybe. It's uh,... Mystery love story! This may involve some type of threesome now. (girl) What's a threesome? It's a game. That adults play. Sometimes. When they're bored. Whatever. [Captions by]

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