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Israeli girls as Muslim CAPTIVES, 50,000 young Jewish girls are Palestinian's CAPTIVES We have to admit to this phenomenon that is prevailing in our country we are sure of this and must act they are sold in markets here is the report I use to work in a restaurant and that is where I met him, I didn't know he was a Muslim or such, he said his name was Yosi He use to hit me and cuss me out, He use to degrade me in front of people he hit me. my daughter was stuck in a horrible way which is not a way to live Those awful nights that I and my daughter did not know what to do to get out of this misery It started from girlfriends night out , they said oh we are just going out for fun, I said are you crazy they are Muslims There were even days that he did not trust me and locked me up and said now all yours hate you now I was a soldier in the military and asked for a transfer from one platoon to another and there I met him and started a relation All this time I did not know that he was a Muslim and when I found out it was too late I lived in Jaffa and I met a lot of girls that it happened to including my self It is an epidemic, in my neighborhood there are dozen girls whom are all involved with Muslims , Several months ago I let my daughter go out with her friends to a disco and a pubs, there she met a Muslim Hey, what, are you sleeping? what are you a chicken sleeping so early, would you like to see me tonight honey? When I was 18 I got involved with this man and fell in love with him not because, he was like Svengali, attentive, complimenting and romantic The man) Everything she tells me I do and if she wants me to go shopping for her I do everything for her You have no idea the showering of gifts and lavish life style these man do to lure you in with such speed the guys, " I went out with these girls don't ask" I had a Jewish friend he had a girlfriend and he said "I go out with these beautiful girls for the money He promised me the world, and I fell for it, after we went to his surroundings I was his slave they perfected the art of lying, if there is any girl that thinks that I was the only one she is mistaken. THERE ARE 50.000 GIRLS IN CAPTIVITY BY PALESTINIANS TO DATE If there are girls that think that it is not going to happen to them they are living in denial he will never adjust to the fact that she is Jewish. The guy, hey, where are you I miss you so bad my beautiful flower! Take a cab and come see me quickly I miss you There was a 22 Jewish girl that converted to marry a Muslim in his village she had a child, they found her dead with the child next to her they laid in a pool of blood where they found her with stab wounds all over her body. I went in to the village where I lived, then the rioters were rioting , He took an ax and hit me with it on my mouth, I was bleeding profusely He was afraid that I would go to the authorities so he ran off, He left me bleeding, when he came back he wanted me to get up early the next morning to bake his pita bread and run his bath if I didn't he hit me TO HIT A WOMAN ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF ISLAM We have to know that to hit a woman is one of the punishments in Islam, no denial because its allowed by the creator, a wonderful passage in the Koran He will dominate her only if he continuous to hit her This is Sigal's mother Germaine, One day she came home with car "Mazda" she asked her daughter "where did you get this car" she said he bought it for her I then told her I swear to you that some day you will pay for it dearly Than it happened , the beating, the horror, I had to drive over to bring her home, Oh yes A month before Sigal's disappearance she asked her mother to come free her from this guys grip I asked him where is my daughter Sigal? he answered she isn't here, what do you mean she called me and said she was here, he answered, she lied I told him, you know I'm not leaving here today, I'm going sit here and wait until I see Sigal I took my schoose off and sat on the sofa I'm not leaving until I get my daughter out of here, you can kill me but I aint leaving a few minutes later Marwan's brother came holding Sigal, I asked him, where was she? he answered in the closet, locked up in the closet he told her if you come back here again I will behead you! SIGAL IS MISSING, PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY DAUGHTER !!!SIGAL I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK OUT THE WINDOW OR LEAVE THE HOUSE I COULD NOT FIND A KEY TO UNLOCK THE DOOR SO I COULD LEAVE THE HOUSE You have no one to help you , not his mother or sister, they are all happy that you are suffering A rite up by Uri Revach about women that have fled the grip of Muslim man in Palestinian villages and were rehabilitated in a halfwayhome In the home women are telling their ordeal, how they were lured by the sweet talk of their lovers only to find out the horrors they endured, It is a big problem because the girls are so naive and ill informed of this occurrence where Muslim man have them sign a paper that converts them Then they are unable to leave because of the children and threats I would like to bring to the attention of the Israeli government so we can inform woman in our country to the epidemic of these proportions and the difficulties trying to get the children back In Bat Yam Israel 20% of the girls age 14 are going out with Muslim man The same thing in Beer Sheba, girls are going out with Muslims We cannot continue to deny the problem exists, we have to address it head on and inform the school children of problem and the tactics used to convert Children stuck between 2 worlds We will blow up your Dizingof Square this is the well known intifada BUT THERE IS ANOTHER INTIFADA THAT NO ONE KNOWS ITS CALLED THE QUITE INTIFADA HALFWAY HOUSE IN ISRAEL TO HELP THESE WOMAN "BROTHERLY HEARTS" A HAND FOR SISTERS

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Not only in Israel, but worldwide, Muslim man deceptive & sweetheart their way to your daughters hearts, only to later enslave, torture & conquer you nations.
Be vigilant and be ware of their missions.

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