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I watch some series on the Internet usually also in mother tongue because sometimes is much easier or it’s what you have on TV, but I see almost everything. In my case it depends on the series the think is that thera are not many Catalan or Spanish series that I like But for instance I watch it on TV nor on in the Internet When I watch a serie in English I watch it in this way because I can learn the language and also because is more original, more proper. There are series I see in original version because I like it and because I find that the dialogues are more interesting in original version Another which I see it dubbed because normally with the original version I would't understand anything some German, Italian series or something like that another subtitled because I am lazy to listen and I prefer to read. If I don’t understand the language then subtitled and if I understand it in original version. And I prefer subtitled to dubbed. Because a lot of times it’s not dubbed as it has been said. There are so many times that the word have been changed and you just lose the thread and finally the product created is not the same. Just because sometimes it sounds like weird if you have heard it before in English and then you hear them in Catalan or Spanish, it just sounds like weird the voice of the characters and all the stuff. Until now, until I went to University I used to watch everything dubbed because in themedia you see things dubbed, here in Spain. With the series you learn to listen and to understand The fact of see a series in English is like get you closer at the country where you have been a while or whatever Then I also do for not lose the level It helps you developing your listening skills basically It just happen if you are immerse if you are listening in English, eventually you may feel more comfortable. I think it’s always important to travel because you have to just not the language but to feel and to see and to live the culture and everything that it involves. There are some aspects of the language of a site that you can’t learn from a series but being there. With the experience that I have, I know that there are many expressions and many things that I've learned here only for the mere of being here. Being in the place where a language it’s spoken can in a way help you react more naturally to the way the language is being spoken. Of course it depends on the competence, on the students’ competence. What happens a lot is that we don’t learn to vocalize. On of the reasons why I watch lot of series in English is why I really really really want to practise the accent. As I studied English for me was like a challenge to get used to the grammar to the idioms, because this things are not so worked in classes or in lessons. The materials that we used in our classes are basically British, half British or American accent. On the Internet you can find all followed and you’re looking at you own rate and that’s it. It's a question of variety in the TV you have to adapt on what they show you but in the Internet, you can find everything. For me simply because you can decide what time you want to see that and the fact that if you have to go home or whatever, you pause it and then you can watch that the next time in the moment when you've been and even go back. I must confess that I’m total addict to crime series Pretty little liars?! Yeah! Pretty little liars...? And Castle and How to get away with murderer, yeah I loved that. Usually are action or sitcoms. I really see everything. I see comedies, I see dramas, I see action series… Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, also comedies, classics like Friends.

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Posted by: anaa_lo on Jan 22, 2016


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