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Introduction to Information Security Policy 80, Operations and Communications Security Policy. Information security policies define the overall expectations within Intel for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Intel systems and information assets. These three data requirements make up the C.I.A Triad. ISPOL 80 forms the basis for a robust operations and communications security framework that is foundational to the protection of the CIA Triad. Operations security helps ensure that information security is built into our operating procedures and requirements. An important set of operations security requirements addressed in ISPOL 80 fall under Configuration Management. Information systems and critical infrastructure assets must be configured according to Intel-approved architectural components. Some examples of these architectural components are: Technical Reference Models Platform Reference Designs Operating Systems Design Specifications ...and IT Information Security Standards With evolving technologies, IT Information Security approved compensating controls must be in place as needed or required to satisfy security configuration requirements. Another benefit of operations security and configuration requirements is keeping our information systems updated to an appropriate level to help guard against attacks. Vulnerability management and patching requirements are stated in policy 80 to help ensure compliance of information systems. Those requirements include monitoring as well as timely and consistent security patches, remediation, and mitigation of reported vulnerabilities. Other important areas of operations security and configuration management covered in policy 80 include: Patch and vulnerability management process requirements Supported software versions and proper licensing Clock Synchronization to support data integrity Formal Change Management process requirements Capacity Management System and user data backup requirements ...and New Technology Evaluation for anything implemented within Intel ISPOL 80 emphasizes the need for Separation of Duties, which is a critical component of operations security, and key to maintaining data integrity. Separation of Duties is the sharing or assignment of operational or administrative tasks between two or more individuals to prevent fraud, error, and a single point of failure. Communications security requirements help ensure that information resources and networks are managed, secure, and controlled to protect systems and information assets. Specific areas of communications security covered in ISPOL 80 include: Network Encryption Network Segmentation Endpoint Security Firewalls Audit Logging Remote Access Traffic Control Third-Party Networks ...and Public Networks and Internet Servers Additionally, external presence and perimeter security are addressed in ISPOL 80, from DMZ requirements and perimeter device monitoring, to domain name services and network addresses. Operations and Communications security responsibilities are outlined in ISPOL 80, providing details for anyone who supports, manages, or uses Intel systems. Included in these responsibilities are system administrator requirements for routine support, performing service calls, and remote access support. These critical responsibilities describe the need to maintain the operational and communicative requirements, as well as the overall protection of the CIA Triad of Intel’s systems and information assets. As someone who supports, manages, or uses Intel systems, applying the communications and operations security framework described in Information Security Policy 80 helps protect Intel’s systems and information assets. This and other updated policies, supporting documents, and our improved policy portal should make it easier for you to locate and understand our corporate information security requirements. They can be found on our corporate policy repository, Policy Central. Visit goto/InfoSecPolicies to learn more or ask questions. Thank you for your help to keep Intel secure!

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