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Savages (2012)

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(Blake Lively as O, narrating) Just 'cause I'm tellin' you this story, doesn't mean I'm alive at the end of it. It's that kind of a story, where things just got so out of control. Every successful business has an origin. Ben went to Berkley, and double majored in Business and Botany. (Ben) This is the best cannabis in the world. I think we just struck gold. (woman) He takes 99% of the violence out of the business. The other 1 percent? Well, that's where Chon comes in. What! (John Travolta as Dennis) You guys, you have a clean business, but now the cartels are moving north. They want a Ben and Chon section in aisle 3. (O) I love you guys. (Chon) It's just the 3 of us now. (O narrating) And yes, I'm with both of them. It is your methods we want to partner with. (Ben) We're not going to join you. Nothing personal. I'm afraid our client would take this very personally. (Selma Hayek as Elena) They must be taught respect. I found their weakness. (Ben) Oh my god. (Dennis) I'd pick the deal, instead of decapitation. They took our girl! And I will do anything - anything to get her back. You stabbed a federal agent! (Elena) Seven of my men dead? (O) I told you they'd come for me. Stop. Let me remind you that if I had to, I wouldn't have a problem cutting both their throats. There is something wrong with your love story, baby. (Chon) You let people think you're weak, sooner or later you're gonna have to kill 'em. Hang in there baby, we're coming for you. [Captions by]

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