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Hi, I’m Darin LaHood, your US Congressman for Illinois' 18th Congressional District I regret that I am unable to join you today in Springfield but I wanted to send you this greeting to commend you for your leadership and dedication to our great state of Illinois. Leadership is a crucial characteristic to possess as you complete high school and begin the next chapter in your life most likely higher education. Our state and country will always be in need of strong leadership some argue we need it now more than ever. You are in this program because you have been identified as a leader. We hope that you will carry the torch and stay true to helping the communities around you. Central Illinois is home to some of our country’s finest leaders in public service. I represent the same Congressional District that Abraham Lincoln did during his one term in Congress. Everett Dirksen, was a Senate Minority Leader and a pioneer in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. His home town is Pekin, Illinois. Bob Michel served as House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives and served for 38 years and is from Peoria, Illinois. And President Ronald Reagan was educated in my district at Eureka College. Since Boys State was founded in 1935, the mission has remained the same: To educate Illinois’ finest young men about their government and political system because, one day, they will be responsible for leading their generation into the future. Its founders, a lawyer, a policeman, and a teacher, sought to counter this development by instilling in Illinois’ young men the values and virtues of citizenship, leadership, and patriotism. In other words, Boys State was founded to find the next generation of leaders in Illinois and train them in the American way of government. I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you continue your hard work to better the communities around you. Thank you and God Bless.

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