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Toys & Players

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We are organizers of Change It, Film it youth exchage This youth exchange is about personal development and media and how can combine them all together We're an informal group of people, which means that we don't belong to any association We took the money from the Youth in Action programme, which means that French bakers and German farmers give money to the Polish youth to do some youth exchanges for youth from Europe My experience was colourful It's an all-encompassing environment You can just pick whatever you need from it. You offer yourself to the others so that they can play... and you can be their toy, but at the same time you are the player who handles the other toys and how those things work together, how to be a toy and a player Phoo, it's great! This training creates an environment where you can just express yourself and it's all about self-expression. And it's all about not-judging, I call it the not-judging policy, which I'm not used to... usually I'm used to people judging me and I behave according to what I think they think about my behaviour. As Valentini, I do much of thinking. It's not just saying it, it's doing it It's not thinking about it, it's taking an action and going for it If you have a thought, just do it, it's the good thing, it's the good way. You can make mistakes, yes. But life's all about mistakes, through your life your learn from your mistakes. You never stop learning. You're alive. You live. ou don't step into thoughts. You don't live in your mind. If you take actions, you live. You live with others, you take feelings, you give... There's something going on... That's important. In this case I'm a project manager, and I'm the laziest person... and the least responsible person I know, of all the people I know... And everything seems to be in place, in order, in time. And I being project manager, it's a total surprise for me we've got this far. That's personal development for you! I'm proud of making my own training working good for me. [voice of event host] While being here we've been through different exercises and a variety of trainings... At first we had absolutely nothing to share, because we were very shy and so on, but... If we're sharing, I want to share this with you... This was a problem for me, because I couldn't get over myself. I just use my thoughts to block myself from doing things. and this concept really changed that for me, I think. So... I forgot what I wanted to say, because I... Don't leave yourself over carried away... so... Universe applauds actions not thoughts. This where I end because I messed it up.... I need your help. I need your help to make a dream come true. So I want you to stand on the stage... Yeah, yes! Si! Thank you, thank you! So, one more? I think I can do more. I can fit myself as well. Great! Raise your hands! Yeah! [counting in Greek] ...20, 21... I just learned that I have potential. And I.... I increased my self-esteem... and.... And the way I look at myself. That it's good to know what you have. From the others, and from yourself. When I feel blocked from something, I now know how not to panic and start looking around, what is going on... and be calm to handle an occasion. I applied for university again, starting from this year. Now I feel stronger. Not here, here [points to her head] Can't wait to start working with myself, and putting myself at use. I just act according to my wishes and my dreams.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 40 seconds
Country: Poland
Language: English
Producer: Global Soma Nonprofit Media
Director: Miki Ambrozy
Views: 273
Posted by: ambrozy.miki on Nov 5, 2010


A youth exchange is an event where people come together, to go through a personal and collective learning experience. I am convinced that this documentary video is able to transmit the philosophy of the training and the results it had for the 2 protagonists. By doing so, I hope it makes a step towards clearing the rumours and get closer to the truth about our work.

My drive as filmmaker and trainer is to be the change I want to see in the world around me.

Miki Ambrozy
5 November 2010, Thessaloniki

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