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What's Your Number (2011)

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♪ Ba ba ba ♪ I was thinking that maybe you'd want to be my date to my sister's wedding? Are your parents gonna be there? (Ally) At my sister's wedding? I think so. Jacinda's just the greatest. ♪ This feels like ...♪ (Ally, narrating) That's me - before you judge me, you have to realize, my dating life hasn't exactly been stellar. Oh! (Colin) I locked myself out of my apartment - do you mind if I use your phone? (Ally narrating) When every guy you run into, seems to be on the run, (Ally, live) Do you think the woman coming out of your apartment could have helped you with the 'being locked out' problem? (Colin) I look at it as trying to avoid hurt feelings. (Ally, narrating) It's time to face the facts. (Ally, live) How many relationships do I have to have before I meet the right guy? (girlfriend) In American, 96% of women who have been with 20 or more lovers, can't find a husband. 20? That number seems very high. No! It's low! I am not going to sleep with one more guy, until I am sure he's the one. (Ally, whispering) That's disgusting Donald. I dated him. Donald? It is you. This is my fiancee, she's a rocket scientist. (Ally) I'm marrying a scientist too. He doesn't look smart either. (Ally, narrating) Is it possible that all my exes got better with time? You help my track down my exes, I'll help you escape yours. You got a deal. (Colin) What about Jerry Perry? He's a puppeteer, so he's single. You should give me your number. We should catch up. (low voice) Hey babe. (high voice) You're looking good. You know what, I think I'm all caught up. Oh, guys. (Colin) What about Simon Forestor? (Simon, British accent) Ally! It's brilliant to see you. (Ally, faking British accent) Simon, I can't believe it. This is Colin, but he has to go now. No, I don't. What happened? My British accent was rusty, and I went all Borat. (sounding Russian) So, we go dancing? Eh? ♪ [Pink - "Raise Your Glass"] How about some dinner tonight? (girlfriend) Are you tracking all your old boyfriends so that you don't go over 20? I'll stop as soon as I fall in love. Wow. I wouldn't have known I was gay, if I hadn't dated you. Oh. (Ally) I feel like everyone else is moving on with their lives but me. (Colin) How do you know what you want? You don't know who you are. (Ally) I have to go to my sister's wedding alone. I'll go with you. You would do that? Yeah. Sometimes you can't live life by the numbers. [honking] You have to figure it out as you go along. Uh. [excited screaming] I know that I'm not perfect - I wanna be with somebody who appreciates me. Jerry? It's Ally. Oh. Doesn't ring a bell. We dated - for like, 3 months. Oh, let's see how things are going now. (doctor) Oh. Ally. Of course. [Captions by]

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