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Observation - The importance of in-depth research Hi guys, I´m Max I´ll be with you in the observation module talking about research techniques and research methods. I have a nurse degree, worked as an auditor then with process management and later on I studied design thinking and today I consider myself a design thinker. I work with the design thinking mental model within the health care area. And I will be talking with you about the observation because is a more humane part and more connected with the human being within the design thinking process. It is important to remember that when we talk about the observation process we talk about going out on the streets to get to know the challenge which we are approaching and is being researched trough desk research or with the other members of the group but this first part brings a thinking divergence that is very interesting but it is still influenced by the group knowledge because in general you are doing the research on a comfortable environment which won't bring any challenge besides the mix of the group knowledge. When we go to the field, to the street that's when the magic starts to happen and we start to get the innovation and insight momentum which are very valuable to the project. That's we like to say that a good research is 50% understanding and 50% field experience. So how do we do that? A practical example that makes sense and endorses field work importance instead of doing the research on a comfortable environment is the purchase of a car. When you buy a car when you're interested on buying a car Until then you used to go out and you wouldn't notice the number of cars identical to the one you want. From the moment you start doing research start to get interested to a given model when you go out to the street to do anything even going to work or to school you will start to notice all the cars of that model. That is not magic or a coincidence. The only thing that changed is that those cars were always there mixed with all the others and because of the quantity of models and all the other things outside on the streets we do an automatic selection of what we want to see. Much more than a magic of seeing what you choose there is a process between the choice and the purchase of the car that we don't realize. Normally you do research on the internet then you will talk to people that own that car what do they think about that model then you will read articles and eventually you go to a car store do a test-drive talking to people getting into the car and trying it. Although, this purchase process is very automatic there are a few techniques we use which we don't eve realize. Juliana will talk about those research triangulation techniques on the next module so you can start using those techniques within your design thinking challenges which you will try to deconstruct. Next Chapter - The Triangulation Research

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